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  • The End of the Line for Mad, the Magazine That Was Satirical, Silly, and Serious

    I remember the time when I was with my family on one of our regular Saturday morning shopping sprees at Kroger, enjoying the air-conditioned consumerism among the long lanes of plastic and plenty. Standing in the checkout aisle, my older brother grabbed a magazine and implored my parents to splurge on the 30 cents for […]

  • A Master Class in the BLUES: Buddy Guy • Charlie Musselwhite • Jimmie Vaughan

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    Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, and Jimmie Vaughan load in to the California Center for the Arts in Escondido on Thursday evening, August 8th for a master class in the blues. It is a rare opportunity to see and hear three of the most influential bluesmen walking the planet today. Their accomplishments read like the who’s […]

  • Wash Your Bowl

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    There’s a Zen story about a young man who wants to become a monk. He wants to become enlightened. The Master accepts the young adept into the monastic order, and another monk leads him to his tiny room. No one says much. They pretty much leave him alone. He’s invited to the all-day meditation sessions, […]

  • How Do I…

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    I get asked a lot of questions. Sometimes I’m asked about this guitar or that guitar, this piece of gear or that piece of gear. Other times they begin, “How do I…” and always refer to being better in some way—sound better, play better, sing better… You’d think that the obvious answer would be practice. […]

  • THE ARMOIRES: Zibaldone

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    Politicians and professional athletes enjoy using the term “lucky town” toward a city that has proven fortuitous in the past. Musicians are keen on their memorable locations as well. Take Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko of the Armoires, a Burbank-based group that continues to find connectivity with our city, 130 miles to the south. The […]

  • Spend a Dog Day Afternoon at a Free Concert Showcase

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    Ah, the dog days of August are upon us, and the propensity to play hooky from work or other normal routines is great. Some will take Bing Crosby to heart and venture “where the surf meets the turf in old Del Mar.” Other locals will flock to other beach towns and bump elbows with Arizonans […]

  • For Sara Watkins It’s All About Family

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    The town of Vista, northwest of San Diego proper, seems an unlikely place for Americana-bluegrass stars to be raised. Just seven miles from the Pacific Ocean, it rests among foothills on a pathway to Southern California deserts, valleys, and mountains. But, this is the town where brother and sister Sara and Sean Watkins were nurtured […]

  • CICI ARTEMESIA: The Lucky One

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    A part of the local roots scene for a long time, Cici Artemisia plans a move to Oregon (and is still one of the featured performers the day this is written at the Lady Brain Fest 2019 in Encinitas). Playing locally since singing for the band Bordertown in the 1980s, she snagged awards and set […]

  • Plug-Ins From the Bargain Bin

    In the arena of recording software reviews, the emphasis is undoubtedly focused on products that reside at the pricier end of the financial spectrum. It can almost seem like a snooty act from some “expert” poised upon a lofty perch talking down to you, as if they’re saying, “Well, if you’re a serious working professional, […]

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