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  • Paul McCartney Returns to Petco Park 2019

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    This month we take an in depth look at Paul McCartney’s June 22 concert at Petco Park, pose Five Questions to Russell Ramo of The Routine, and ask Southern California musicians: Who Is Your Favorite Cartoon Character? Thanks to Beatlsescopio for help with sound check info. PAUL McCARTNEY RETURNS TO PETCO PARK 2019 Paul McCartney […]

  • This Ain’t No Party, This Ain’t No Disco: Tiki Oasis Goes New Wave

    Anyone who came of age in the late ’70s or the rock of the ’80s should find the theme of this year’s Tiki Oasis to be nostalgia of a more recent vintage. Whether you feasted on the ground-floor primitivism of the Ramones or the cool and calculated synth pop of the Human League, Mohawk hair-dos, […]

  • August 2019 Calendar

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  • Memories of Merle

    Lou Curtiss interviews Merle Travis, Part I When I saw Tom Boyer up at the Sam Hinton Folk Heritage Festival in June doing some of that thumb pickin’ made famous by all those Kentucky guitarists, it got me to thinking about maybe the most famous of them all: my favorite, Merle Travis. I grew up […]

  • Wow by Moby Grape

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    For a brief, glistening moment in 1967 it seemed Moby Grape would be the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time. The evidence that the San Francisco band would ascend to the uppermost heights of the rock pantheon was their eponymously titled debut album Moby Grape. Bay Area promoter Matthew Katz assembled the band […]

  • PETER SPRAGUE: Life in the Wild Blue

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    When I first experienced Peter Sprague back in 1977, playing an outdoor concert at Robb Field in Ocean Beach with his group Dance of the Universe, it was a game-changer for me as a young, aspiring jazz guitarist. They opened the concert by playing John McLaughlin’s “Le Danse du Bonheur” (The Dance of Bliss), a […]


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    Trains Across the Sea made an impression recently with Before It Ends, a collection of roots tunes by Midwest transplant and bandleader Andy Gallagher. That project included alt-country and pop ballads and rockers, some with protest messages and others with smart, often autobiographical lyrics. It turns out that Gallagher was busy before leaving Columbus, Ohio […]

  • 33⅓—House of Dreams The Story of Stan Ross, His Recording Studio, and Lots of Hit Records

    On the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Vine St. 50, 60 years ago, a placard shouted MEN’S CLOTHING AT FACTORY PRICES! Inside, while men picked over bargain corduroy and gabardines, little did they know that next door, in an unassuming former storefront, musicians such as Ike and Tina Turner, Sonny and Cher, Bob Dylan, […]

  • The Texas-California Connection: Music Fest Brings Austin to SoCal

    Pop quiz: what city is known for its scenic waterfront, its world-class Mexican-American food, and its dynamic music scene? A. San Diego B. Austin C. All of the above Christopher Dale has chosen answer C (of course ) and leveraged it into a one-day musical-cultural mash-up on August 10. The TexaCali Music Festival will feature […]