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  • Lorraine Castellanos: Seeking the Light

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    I’m pretty sure that the first time I witnessed Lorraine Castellanos fronting her own band was in 2012 at 98 Bottles in Little Italy. She was doing a tribute to Billie Holiday, and although I usually don’t dig those kind of affairs, this one worked, in part because both singers share a similar approach to […]


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    North Park’s Finnegan Blue wants to be everybody’s everything; the sextet plays originals that touch all the bases with folk-inspired rock, gospel, reggae, Irish and American bluegrass, even NOLA-based horn chart soul music. On their self-titled CD, perhaps the most interesting thing is the sense of surprise brought on by such a range of music […]

  • THE BYRDS: Sweetheart of the Rodeo: Legacy Edition

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    When founding member David Crosby was ousted from the Byrds toward the end of 1967 due to conflicting agendas/egos within the group, it was the second significant departure from the quartet that had managed to thrive after vocalist/songwriter Gene Clark’s exit the year before. But when guitarist Roger McGuinn and bassist Chris Hillman were reduced […]

  • The Uptown Rhythm Makers Get Down

    The cars lurch along University Avenue. Light rain glistens on the tarmac and reflects the neon signs of blue, red, and green. As my friend and I make our way around the corner, the basso profundo of a car’s audio system assaults our ears and shakes our innards. Our destination: the Black Cat Bar. The […]

  • May 2019 Calendar

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  • A Set of Strings

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    Hello Troubadourians! Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can change a pile of parts into a fine instrument… and vice versa. Several times over the years, I’ve written in these pages about custom this and special that. I’ve geeked out over such things as specialized string gauges that are selected so that every string in […]