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  • Why Travel Matters

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    If you think traveling is expensive, try staying home. It’ll cost you everything. Travel, on any budget, changes you. It destroys your old boundaries, resets your trajectories, and lets you loose in a world where anything is possible. You’re challenged, and you grow. You come home stronger, freer, happier, and more alive. Staying home binds […]

  • Shredding the Glass

    Difficulty is an elusive shapeshifter. What seems hard for some may feel like second nature to others. Oftentimes, mastering a task or skill may seem like an insurmountable hurdle at the outset, but as we slowly acquire the knowledge and experience required, we may suddenly find ourselves accomplishing far more than we even dreamed possible […]

  • Iconoclasts: The Ballad of Phil Ochs

    The Revelle Campus Cafeteria at UCSD, 1970, was the first time I became entirely aware of folksinger/anti-war activist and counter culture hero Phil Ochs. He was performing to a full house of hippies, New Left agitators, Marxist professors with a collective lapse of enthusiasm for talk of revolution, rattled undergraduates, and unsmiling advocates for black […]

  • Art Around Adams A Fun Day of Art and Music

    This year’s Art Around Adams Music and Art Walk takes place on June 1. The 16th annual edition of the event will feature more than 80 performers, on both outdoor stages and inside venues, as well as a juried art contest. Taking place along a two-mile stretch of Adams Avenue in Normal Heights and Kensington, […]

  • Lila Downs and her Clandestino Musical Mission

    There is a seductive rhythm to Mexican singer-songwriter, Lila Downs’ new single, “Clandestino.” At first, it seems like the familiar bounce adapted generations ago from German immigrants in Mexico. Following the sound of that rhythm allows casual listeners to find an ascent into the realm of some fiery kind of reggae/ska music with a distinct […]

  • KEVIN ROTH: The Deviant Dulcimerist

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    Kevin Roth is a leading innovator of the dulcimer with a worldwide reputation as a player; he writes and sings intimate folk music, ranging from instrumentals to children’s songs. He’s an old pro, first signed to a recording contract 45 years and 48 albums ago, and has played at the White House twice. He moved […]

  • THE SEA MONKS: Gasoline

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    The Sea Monks are a local rockabilly crew that prove the time-tested sayings about the family that plays together and age just being a number. Their new album is Gasoline, and it is a delight thanks to the three members: dad Jason Kapchinske (bass) and sons Kai (drums) and Noah (lead vocals and guitar). When […]

  • Great Local Events!

    Reports show that the Julian Family Fiddle Camp was a great success. Held last month in the mountains outside Julian, students studied banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, and more. Also last month, Della Mae, internationally acclaimed all women’s bluegrass band, gave a concert to a sold-out house at the city of Del Mar’s beautiful new […]

  • Record Store Day 2019

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    To those who don’t collect records, this probably looks like the beginning of a police report. But for us vinyl junkies, this is just another typical Record Store Day morning. What is Record Store Day, you ask? It’s a special day that happens once a year in mid-April when the record companies and recording artists […]