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    Sometimes Julie broke through a few years back with a full-length CD, Head First; the band, featuring powerful vocalist Monica Sorenson, played songs with a classic rock feel. They moved to a harder rocking edge on Bright Side of the Line and are back with a new EP, Breaking, rocking hard as ever. This seven-tune […]

  • The Method of No-Method

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    All over the internet you’ll find articles on creativity, productivity, and how to build success in 10 easy steps. Everyone’s trying to describe the mysterious path from inception to fruition. In the chaos of conflicting advice it’s hard to find a clear way forward. Instead of reading yet another life coach blog, let’s look at […]

  • Doin’ the Hambone with Slapjazz Danny Barber

    The man on stage is in a crisp pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. There is the large frame and the shaved head. The baritone quality of his voice fills the hall as he addresses the audience. The smile is warm and broad. Then Slapjazz Danny sits down in an ordinary armless chair. Microphones surround […]

  • IRA B. LISS: Tasty Tunes

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    With Tasty Tunes, Ira B. Liss proves that the big band survives well into the 21st century and, at least under his leadership, is thriving in inspiration and creativity. Big band music is sometimes wrongly thought of as a dinosaur of the jazz idiom, having run its course sometime in the mid 1950s. While it […]

  • Remembering Aretha Franklin: The Voice That Shook the World–She taught the world how to spell RESPECT

    Aretha Louise Franklin, who Rolling Stone magazine correctly identified as “the greatest singer in the world,” made her transition into the next world on August 16, 2018, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 76 years old. Franklin came into African-American consciousness first as a child, singing gospel music in the church of […]

  • FUZZY’S GUMBO: Lenny Rankins Stirs the Pot

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    When you walk into a Fuzzy Rankins show, there is an element of the unknown. It’s only later that you discover that anticipation is an active ingredient in the Rankins experience. There are also guarantees that go with your entertainment choice. They include, but are not limited to, a highly energetic program that is both […]


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    San Diego-based guitar virtuoso Peter Sprague has been involved in a rich dialog with string players of a classical persuasion for many years now, and this conversation bears significant fruit on his latest release, Samba Andaluza, a trio featuring violinist Bridget Dolkas and cellist Lars Hoefs, both members of his expanded Peter Sprague String Consort. […]

  • NITRO EXPRESS: Country Style

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    Nitro Express is not only a brand of shotgun cartridges, but is a local roots band active from the 1990s to present. Their CD Country Style is something different, recorded in a day over 20 years ago with pre-digital equipment, never remixed, and rescued from oblivion this year by Jim “Nitro” Pulsifer. Unable to remix, […]

  • Lots of Bluegrass Happenings in October

    There are great opportunities to hear bluegrass music coming up. SIDELINE. On November 9th the San Diego Bluegrass Society (SDBS) will present Sideline in concert at the First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach, 4747 Soledad Mountain Road, in San Diego. There will be an opening local band (TBD) at 7pm. Sideline will go on at […]