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  • Strange Stage Stories

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    This time out we once again ask the question: “What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?” — with the return of “Strange Stories,” as well as catch up on a few reviews. Tim Pyles: “Strangest thing that ever happened to me onstage? I had to duck to avoid an incoming hot […]

  • October 2018 Calendar

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  • The Center for World Music Presents Songs and Stories: Refugee Artists in San Diego

    The roots of American folk music stretch deep and wide, and indisputably tap into a myriad of worldwide cultures: bluegrass’ roots in Irish dance tunes, gospel’s in African call-and-response, Tejaño’s in German polkas, and on and on. The Center for World Music (CenterForWorldMusic.org, CWM) promotes performing arts from around the world, expanding intercultural awareness and […]

  • Joan Baez: In the Flow of History

    Over the last six decades her voice is forever etched in the consciousness of the American spirit. Hers is the voice our truest heart, tapping into our sense of justice and equality. –Anonymous With a career born in the fire of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s, Mexican-Scottish-American folk icon Joan Baez […]

  • Checking in with Navajo Live

    Tucked away in the recesses of a middle-class strip mall on the edge of San Diego’s suburbs, Navajo Live has become a go-to music venue during a time when other, longer established local hangouts have been closing down or heading in different directions than live music. If there is a formula to the locale’s success, […]

  • More Memories from Lou Curtiss

    Note from the Editor: Lou Curtiss passed away on July 8 at the age of 79. The Troubadour will be rerunning selections of Lou’s column, Recordially, Lou Curtiss, indefinitely, from the vast archive of his writings, dating back to 2001, so here are a few more golden nuggets from Lou. There are so many great […]

  • BLUE LARGO: Before the Devil Steals Your Soul

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    It’s been three years since we’ve heard new music from Blue Largo. The wait ended this month with the release of Before the Devil Steals Your Soul. Eric Lieberman and Alicia Aragon have assembled a talent-rich rhythm section from the wealth of Southern Californian artistry and the outcome is stellar. Of the 15 tracks, there […]

  • Recording the Band, Part 2: The Beat Goes On

    Drums are always the primary challenge. Not only do they define the tempo, groove, and overall feel of each song, but they’re just so…loud. They will find their way into every mic, not just the ones you want them to, but vocals, guitars…really, any mic that is open in the same or even neighboring rooms. […]

  • CHRIS AVETTA: Shadows

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    Chris Avetta is a local pop singer/songwriter whose debut album is Shadows. The independent release refers to her sound as indie-folk and forest-pop, and the slickly produced disc boasts eight LA-area studio musicians adding layer upon layer to those provided by the five string and keyboard instruments played by Avetta, who also sings her own […]