Entries for February 2014

  • Looking at the Music for Awhile

    The first time I ever sat down and listened to a live music show was in Lake City, Washington (now part of Seattle) as part of their Pioneer Days celebration, which was not really unlike one of the many Folk Festivals and Street Fairs I’ve put together. This was back in 1949; it ran a […]

  • DARIUS DEGHER: The Coyote Cantos

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    The Coyote Cantos is the latest from Darius Degher, one of those veteran Americana performers whose resume dates back decades. In addition to playing locally and on LA and New York stages — with Darius and the Magnets and in Waren Zevon’s band — Degher is a songwriter, poet, and multi-instrumental “string specialist” who learned […]

  • Lori Bell Brings Jazz Series to La Jolla

    Yes, you heard me right. Jazz is back in La Jolla. And this time the La Jolla Community Center is playing a big part in bringing great music to this beach neighborhood known for fine art galleries, haute cuisine restaurants, and more than enough sea lions. “The turnout has been really surprising,” says Lori Bell. […]

  • I Sing the Body Acoustic

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    Hello Troubadourians! I’m sure that the majority of the performing musicians in San Diego are guitarists who play acoustic guitars. Likely, the vast majority are singer-songwriters who almost exclusively strum or fingerpick first-position chord accompaniment for their voices and most of my columns address the technical or performance issues these performers are likely to have […]

  • JODY AARON: Rivers

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    A gifted songwriter can cast a spell on the listeners and quiet a noisy room. Jody Aaron’s writing talent has snagged awards (including first place at the CNN International Talent Competition), and he has placed songs on several TV shows. He also works in the music publishing biz and has worked with top Nashville co-writers […]

  • STEVE RULE: A Koa Kind of Blues

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    What sets North County blues guitarist Steve Rule’s A Koa Kind of Blues apart is the playing of the late Steve White, who guested on the disc before his passing in April 2011. The CD is a friendly brew of eight tracks: four blues standards with four originals. Recorded by Thomas Yearsley (who adds bass […]

  • THE PERIPHERALS: Declarations

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    A new band, having only formed in 2010, the members of the Peripherals have nonetheless been around the local music scene for several years. Omar Musisko and Andrew Thams had been veterans of the indie bands Second Tuesdays and The Otis Turbine before forming the Peripherals. Percussionist Dylan Jones joined the band sometime after 2010. […]

  • EMILY DREW: The Finer Things

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    The footprints on the way to Emily Drew’s debut EP, The Finer Things, look familiar: adopting music as a hobby at first, writing a few songs for open mics, then a few years while moving around, getting some material together. Demos and a web page, then local songwriting contests. When the chance came, she was […]

  • Rock Star

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    Rock and roll has been around for a long time. For young people, it’s the music of their grandparents. Yet its eternal coolness remains intact. The rock and roll sensibility keeps rearing its head in every new wave of music. Fashion and hair styles change. Aesthetic tastes evolve. But, as Huey Lewis sang, “the heart […]