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  • Camp Broadway San Diego Moves to Broadway

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For the past ten years, T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors has provided performing arts education programs to help kids and teens gain new skills in the arts and in life, as well as connect to positive role models. Using professional teachers and experienced performers who graciously volunteer their time, T3 is able […]

  • The Skinny on Soundcloud

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    Don’t worry, Spotify, I’m not cheating on you. But I am becoming better acquainted with an old friend called Soundcloud this week. I’ve had a Soundcloud account for a long time and have generally only used it for the purposes of sending large music files to people for streaming/downloading purposes. For example, it came in […]

  • A Musical Valen-Time Machine

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    It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m thinking about love and music. Two miracles that continue to inspire and amaze me, frustrate and challenge me. When I look back on my ever-changing 30 years, I see love and music as the constants. Relationships have come and gone as I’ve moved closer to finding out who I am, […]

  • Cecil Taylor to Perform March 19th at USD

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    From our friends at University of San Diego: Cecil Taylor, one of the most original pianists in the history of free jazz, is a renowned jazz pianist and poet. The winner of the 2013 Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy, Taylor will perform Wednesday March 19th at USD in a very rare public performance. Taylor developed an […]

  • A Few Words from Joey Harris

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    This month out we share a few reviews and a few words from local icon Joey Harris. Few musicians in San Diego could touch on the accomplishments of Mr. Harris. Working with John Stewart, Fingers, The Speedsters, The Beat Farmers, Powerthud, The Tightenups and many more, Harris’s guitar work, vocals and songs are the perfect […]

  • Can’t Knock the Hustle

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    Being a working musician, songwriter or entertainer requires much more than talent. On top of being artists we often act as our own agents, bookers, promoters, graphic designers, marketers, fundraisers, producers, social media managers, and the list goes on. We become the CEOs of our own tiny businesses, striving to reach a point where our […]

  • DON STRANDBERG: Orpheus Descending — The Fugitive Blues

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    It is rare to find artists today that can channel inspiration from conflicting mediums into a piece that can standout against the landscape of a time long come and gone. Such is the artistic appeal in local Renaissance man Don Strandberg’s latest venture. Strandberg’s latest instrumental blues album, Orpheus Descending — The Fugitive Blues, draws […]


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    Tord Gustavsen is one of those hyper-productive types the rest of us can’t help but envy. Or resent. The lovely music found on his latest release, Extended Circle, will turn even the harshest resentment back to pure green envy, though. Extended Circle is more akin to early 1980s new age/world beat than what would come […]

  • PAMELA REINAGEL: In the Shadow of the Mountain

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    Pamela Reinagel subtitles her new EP In the Shadow of the Mountain as American Tragic Ballads and those three words speak volumes. These are mostly stories, sung a cappella, about death and often murder, treachery, disasters, and loss. Four are traditional folk songs rendered with precision and reverence by Reinagel, and the three more recent […]

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