Zen of Recording
  • ScaryOke

    I’m at the bar. A gooey amalgamation of chatter, laughter, and semi-familiar songs tumbles and flows across the bamboo-festooned tiki bar decor of the The Luau’s (7123 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115) floor and walls like an early fog settling in. Barely heard above the toasts and tintinnabulation of clinking glassware are the […]

  • Not Building a Wall; Making a Brick

    In 1975, composer/musician Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt published Oblique Strategies, a set of playing-style cards that were intended to shake up stasis, break deadlocks, and encourage artists to find creative solutions outside the present moment and established norms. Essentially, when happening upon the inevitable creative roadblocks that can occur during the recording and producing […]

  • Alternative Interfacing

    From shelves of brick and mortar to the digitized warehouses of online retailers, there is a vast variety of audio interface solutions available to recording musicians and other content creators. This is due in no small part to an ever-widening client-base that has its eyes (and ears) on the broadening horizons accessed via these tools […]

  • Presonus Proves They Listen, Too!

    In the music creators’ world of audio gadgetry and recording tools, nothing shouts quite as loud as a satisfied customer, except maybe those of the dis-satisfied variety. Increasingly, they seem to be everywhere (those of the genus displeased en perpetua). Whether they’re data-crunching enthusiasts in heavily starched short-sleeved polyester shirts or some dude in a […]

  • HD

    What is the definition of High Definition? I mean when you think about it (or at least, when I do), isn’t reality the highest we can go when it comes to video or audio resolution? If so, doesn’t that mean that every media of every medium falls short of that and the closest it gets […]

  • Belongings

     He didn’t belong here. He looked around the room. A TV hysterically shouted Fox News in the corner, ignored by most of the 25 to 30 people wearing light blue dress shirts or royal blue short sleeved knit shirts. Each of them seemed to be idly chatting about absolutely nothing of interest to him. They […]

  • Listening

    It happens somewhat regularly. I work throughout the day: Mixes, phone calls, edits, calendar entries, meetings, vocal sessions, traffic, this column…There is music to hear while I’m driving. Sometimes it’s some work I’m evaluating or some new find I’m enjoying, like Melody Gardot. I sit down and enjoy a movie after some peaceful conversation. Take […]

  • Reflecting on Reflections

    HEAR360 dishes up an amazing plate reverb plugin that looks back and forward at the same time. As the saying goes, “If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Placing philosophic assumptions aside, the answer is a somewhat resounding “Yes.” This is because […]

  • Beat DNA: A Rhythmically Searchable Loop Database

    For literally centuries, the metronome has ruled the world of music with the iron-fisted persistence of time itself; unyielding, constant and when its passing is given the fullest of attention, well…boring. This is not to suggest that strict adherence to tempo is a bad thing, quite to the contrary. Keeping within the confines of a […]