Sonic Universse

  • Notes on On the Beach by Neil Young

    Well, yes, to answer a question no one’s yet asked me. I was one of those guys in high school, in the very early the seventies, who had found their Reason to Be through a sheer immersion into the contemporary grind of rock ‘n’ roll. Leonard Bernstein declared it an art form; Ralph Gleason informed […]

  • Beehives and Hand Claps: The Enduring Quality of Girl Groups

    The girl group sound may be found in three factors: the sheer exuberance of the vocals, creative songwriting, and record producers in cahoots with crack groups of musicians from LA (the famed Wrecking Crew of session players), Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. The earliest example of a girl group record? A tough call. It would […]

  • Wow by Moby Grape

    For a brief, glistening moment in 1967 it seemed Moby Grape would be the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time. The evidence that the San Francisco band would ascend to the uppermost heights of the rock pantheon was their eponymously titled debut album Moby Grape. Bay Area promoter Matthew Katz assembled the band […]

  • Odyssey & Oracle in Wax (or how I found my groove)

    I was about two years old when I heard my first favorite song, “Rock & Roll Woman” by the Buffalo Springfield… even then I was a music junkie. Followed closely by anything from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, or any harmony-driven music like the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel, music was almost always blaring […]

  • School Girl Crush

    I gripped the saucer-shaped item that had been purchased with allowance funds I had saved up from weekly household chores assigned by my mother. She taught me that money earned through an honest day’s work was fundamental to one’s financial stability and independence, which had an impact on my attitude toward the green stuff, later […]

  • Record Store Day 2019

    To those who don’t collect records, this probably looks like the beginning of a police report. But for us vinyl junkies, this is just another typical Record Store Day morning. What is Record Store Day, you ask? It’s a special day that happens once a year in mid-April when the record companies and recording artists […]

  • Passing the Torch

    Note: This is the first installment of a new column, celebrating recorded music of all kinds… kinda like Lou Curtiss’ column but not. It’ll run alternately with “Recordially” and sometimes at the same time. With a revolving door of writers, I am inviting them to share anything relating to vinyl, CDs, 8-tracks, or whatever influenced […]