Music and the Law

  • An interview with California-Licensed Talent Agent Emily Bartell

    1. BACKGROUND When you hear the words “talent agent” a variety of images may come to your mind—a man dressed in a suit furiously yelling on an intense phone call, a person on a tour bus managing the set times for an artist, or a sophisticated-looking individual alongside an actor behind the theatre stage. This […]

  • An Interview with Attorney Haley McCullough from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc

    Over the past few decades, the importance of music in film has expanded significantly as film and television has increasingly become a conduit for music lovers and tastemakers to discover new music. Thus, music supervisors or the people who “sync” music against a “visual medium” (the film or television show) are some of the most […]

  • What Paperwork Should I Bring to a Recording Session?

    Background While taking the first step into the recording studio may be exhilarating, you need to consider which documents you may need to bring to make sure all your bases are covered as a recording artist. It is important to understand and keep in mind that once your song is recorded, it’s just the beginning […]

  • The Role of a Music Producer

    Background If you ever bother to read the liner notes of an album, you might notice that there are many different people working hard behind the scenes to bring a record to fruition. From graphic designers, engineers, and music producers, everyone is taking on a different role required to create a finished musical product. Music […]

  • What You Need to Do to Make Money with Your Recordings

    You’ve recorded a song worthy of releasing and want to make money from all your hard work. So, now what? Historically, major labels and large independent distributors held the key to recording music and worldwide distribution. With the advent of the internet and changes in recording technology, the game has completely changed and anyone with […]

  • Music and the Law: How to Obtain a License to Release a Cover Song

    Recording and releasing a cover song can be a great way to showcase your musical ability and at the same time earn new fans by grabbing their attention with familiar songs. Cover songs can also be a great way to earn revenue when you release them on Digital Service Provider’s (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple Music, […]

  • Music and the Law: The Role of a Music Attorney

    Once an attorney passes the state bar and takes an oath, he or she is authorized to practice law in that jurisdiction (state). A Juris Doctor degree, or J.D., is a general degree—for example, personal injury, business, and immigration lawyers all practice under the same license. But general practitioners or attorneys that practice in a […]