Hosing Down
  • The Final Cut

    José Sinatra, who has been with the Troubadour since its first edition, has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence while he seeks treatment for what he candidly describes as “increasing instances of sexual self-harassment (#HoseToo).” He blames only himself for these troubles and is determined to reconcile his status as both perpetrator and […]

  • Nifty Nasties

    I’ll have you know that I’m writing this while assuming the “down on one knee” stance–the silent statement that cries out and continues to grow in popularity among athletes and celebrities and other people of conscience throughout this great land of ours. Many of the other contributors to this issue of the Troubadour wrote their […]

  • Paul and Me (and Ocean Beach)

    Just finished Philip Norman’s 818-page Paul McCartney The Life and am starting to feel that my own life might have a serious deficiency insofar as excitement is concerned. And accomplishment, too. Yeah, and money. But there’s one thing I have that Paul McCartney doesn’t have and never will, no matter how hard he tries… and […]

  • A Child’s Garden of Vinyl

    The complaint this time has to do with lists, specifically ones that use the word Best or Greatest in their names. The Best Songs of the Eighties. The Best American Cities to Live in (I guess In Which to Live is too confusing to Americans). Rolling Stone’s The 100 Greatest Albums of All Time. TV […]

  • This Is No Parasite

    Earlier this year, I expressed my ongoing grief concerning the absence of my dear friend Tower Records. The years go on and the dreams don’t stop; the void in my life sometimes feels as significant as if it were another of my human friends who make up such a distressingly large congregation of the dead. […]

  • Scary Sharing

    Hose, this is your conscience. You’re getting too far out there. Try to share. Try building a rapport with your reader. After all, when it comes to reality, we’re all singing the same song. You know, you and I have a lot in common. One of the greatest things is our shared good fortune to […]

  • Fifty Junes Ago, Part Two

    June 1967. That month, half a century ago, decided it was time to kick some ass and show the world how things should be done. It was well up to both tasks and performed services to music that resulted in songs and events that, right out of the gate, seemed to glow with an essence […]

  • Strawberry Fields for 50 Years

    My memory has been a remarkable friend for as long as I can remember, which is a remarkably long time. But the price I must pay for that friendship is quite dear: when it brings up bad actions I have committed and horrible choices I have made, I must vividly experience them once again and […]

  • How Hip-Hop and Rap Will Save the World

    April fool. But seriously, folks: I’m actually writing this just a few hours before the official advent of spring and have been ruminating on purification and rebirth and other things that seem to go with the season. Like second chances and forgiveness, budding flowers, infant smiles, caresses of the sunlight, and the glory of naked […]