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February 2024
Vol. 23, No. 5

CD Reviews

EVAN DIAMOND: Intersections

by Frank KocherFebruary 2019

Intersections is the debut EP by San Diegan Evan Diamond, a young indie singer/songwriter who plays with a pair of accompanists known as the Library (Scott Sigler on bass, John Coreano guitar). She wrote the five songs, her music in most respects fitting into the burgeoning category of Wronged Woman Pop, bemoaning the psychological abuse of inconsiderate and wayward lovers.

“Bad Guy” opens, a minor-chord ballad that dives right into a litany of mistreatment, as Diamond is hitting the road, tired of the drama. Her double-tracked vocal is fine, though at times her pouting presentation brings in more drama than necessary. Her title song is a straight-ahead rock discussion of her confusion and uncertainty about a long-term relationship, sung to an enchanting partner whom she considers “poison.” Its simple four-chord progression without any real hook or edge falls short of being catchy or memorable.

The first few lines of “I’m Yours” have a Pretenders vibe, and the rest of the tune grabs the listener enough to be the best of the program–she is committed to a lover, but she is “lost, but right now, enjoying the view.” “What If…” gets a big treatment, as Diamond’s lyrical tale of willingness to wait for a reluctant lover to come around and commit to one girl despite the existence of “billions in the world.” Here the chronicle of regret and unhappiness is accentuated by the sad tones of cello and piano. Overall, the music shows some lyrical and songwriting skills within the narrow emotional range of Diamond’s approach.

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