Bluegrass Corner
  • Dealing with Covid

    As we go to press, covid cases in San Diego continue to rise. The Governor has issued a statewide order that masks are now mandatory except in limited circumstances. County officials indicate we may have to back off from reopening.  Large gatherings, especially indoors, are last on the list of things to reopen. Overall the […]

  • Bluegrass Corner Coming to You From Covid Land

    Music in a covid world. Music is always important. It seems especially so in our covid world, as we face being isolated from each other, unable to attend concerts or jam sessions, or even to play music with friends in the living room without fear of contagion, wearing masks, and sanitizing everything in sight. Humans […]

  • Thoughts and Resources for Surviving the COVID Lockdown

    THOUGHTS I’m a bluegrass musician, but I am also an elected local official. In the latter capacity I get access to the latest information from our state government about the virus. Two world-class virus experts are constituents living in my community with whom I regularly interact. I also sit on committees at UCSD Medical School, […]

  • Some Great Bluegrass Concerts so Far This Year

    • Special Consensus out of Chicago rocked the house in late January with one of the largest SDBS crowds ever attending its concert at the PB Baptist Church. This is one fine band delivering top notch vocals and instrumentation presenting traditional bluegrass music. Long time band leader, ex-IBMA board chair, ex-Foundation for Bluegrass Music chair, […]

  • The Great 48 Jam Session

    We had a wonderful time at the great 48 jam session! Every year, the California Bluegrass Association hosts concerts, workshops, showcases, and jam sessions in downtown Bakersfield. This year’s event just ended. Called “The Great 48,” folks from all of the western states come together for a weekend of full-time bluegrass. Our local San Diego […]

  • Bluegrass in the New Year

    Wow—it’s a new year already! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday with lots of bluegrass music and is raring to go for a great new year. Let’s peek at some of what’s coming. SPECIAL CONSENSUS COMING TO SAN DIEGO Special Consensus is one great, long-running band. Formed in 1973 in Chicago, Special C has […]

  • Bluegrass Singing

    Bluegrass music, for sure, is characterized by high intensity, virtuosic musicianship on all the acoustic instruments—banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, sometimes Dobro, and upright bass. But, the gold standard bluegrass product (think Bill Monroe or Flatt and Scruggs) also involves harmony singing of a particular style. Let’s take a look at what it is and where […]

  • The Mandolin in Bluegrass

    The gold standard bluegrass band is comprised of a banjo, a fiddle, an upright bass, an acoustic guitar, and a mandolin. A significant, but not required, instrument in a bluegrass band is a Dobro. Rare, and sometimes frowned upon by purists, one may find a harmonica, an electric bass, or even drums. But a mandolin […]

  • Ah, Summergrass!!

    The San Diego bluegrass community is still savoring the great 2019 Summergrass Festival, which took place in Vista in August. Rather than yammer on about it, here is a photo run down of some of the action, courtesy of photographer extraordinaire David Cupp. Ramona Bluegrass Festival. The 10th annual Ramona Bluegrass Festival is coming up […]