Bluegrass Corner
  • Looking at What Was and What’s to Come

    Happy New Year to All!  Bluegrass fans are, by nature, optimists. Great music, authentically performed, will do that to you. In that vein we look forward to 2022 even as we hunker down to deal with yet another Covid wave, this time fueled by Omicron. Here’s what I see for the first few months of […]

  • MohaviSoul Shines at the International Bluegrass Music Awards

    I hope everyone had a great turkey day filled with bluegrass music, friends, great food, and good times. We all needed that after a tough year and can hopefully look forward to more as we enter the holiday season. Here’s an update on bluegrass goings on. MohaviSoul at IBMA. Local bluegrass band MohaviSoul was selected […]

  • What’s Happening in the Bluegrass World this Month

    Things are starting to return to a bit of normalcy, finally. The San Diego Bluegrass Society is restarting its second Tuesday jam session, which will be held November 9 at the Mainstream Bar and Grill, outdoors, in Poway. A fall bluegrass campout is taking place. The California Bluegrass Association (CBA) is putting on an event […]

  • Dennis Caplinger Memorial and More

    Covid Striking Again. Just as bluegrass jam sessions and events in San Diego were restarting, the Delta variant of the Covid virus has everyone on edge again, with some events being temporarily re-suspended. The SDBS second Tuesday event at Mainstream Bar and Grill in Poway has been suspended pending further notice, as has the second […]

  • Dennis Caplinger: So Long, Old Friend

    San Diego has lost one of its bluegrass anchors. From Vista, California, Dennis Caplinger , who died last month at age 57, was a virtuoso and Grammy Award-winner. He began playing drums when he was just four years old and took up bluegrass music at the age of 12. A few years later as a […]

  • Sad News and Great News: The Yin and Yang of Bluegrass Music.

    The sad news is that Byron Berline, fiddler extraordinaire, and John Hickman, outstanding banjo player, have both passed away. Byron Berline died from a stroke at age 77 in July and John Hickman left us in May after a long illness. Byron and John were long-time compatriots, playing together in a number of great bands […]

  • Summergrass is Back! Save the Date: August 20-22.

    After suffering through the Covid shutdown, Summergrass, San Diego’s Premier Live Bluegrass Festival, is back! Headliners include top national talent: The Lonesome River Band, Special Consensus, Bluegrass Etc., High Fidelity, the Po Rambling Boys, and a covey of great local bands, including Virtual Strangers, Chris Cerna and Bluegrass Republic, Drought Tolerant Bluegrass, Bluegrass Brethren, and […]

  • San Diego Bluegrass Is Coming Back!

    Memorial Day saw a for-real live bluegrass concert at the Big Red Barn in Valley Center. Featuring top flight national band Nu Blu, the event was open to the public. Beyond that, Duck Foot Brewery has re-started its Sunday bluegrass jam sessions, our first campout has taken place, the Red Barn has more events booked […]

  • Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass

    Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass. The Covid shutdown is starting to lift for live music. Limited-attendance events are now allowed, and more restrictions are scheduled to lift in mid-June, absent some type of setback. The Summergrass Festival is on track for August 20-22 this year, and planning is beginning to restart local bluegrass events. Let’s […]