Bluegrass Corner
  • San Diego Bluegrass Is Coming Back!

    Memorial Day saw a for-real live bluegrass concert at the Big Red Barn in Valley Center. Featuring top flight national band Nu Blu, the event was open to the public. Beyond that, Duck Foot Brewery has re-started its Sunday bluegrass jam sessions, our first campout has taken place, the Red Barn has more events booked […]

  • Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass

    Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass. The Covid shutdown is starting to lift for live music. Limited-attendance events are now allowed, and more restrictions are scheduled to lift in mid-June, absent some type of setback. The Summergrass Festival is on track for August 20-22 this year, and planning is beginning to restart local bluegrass events. Let’s […]

  • Summergrass Is Back!

    Summergrass is the premier Southern California bluegrass festival held every August since 2003—except of course last year, which was canceled due to covid. But, good news—Summergrass is on schedule for August 20-22 of 2021. The 2021 festival features the Lonesome River Band, Bluegrass, Etc., the ‘Po Ramblin’ Boys, and High Fidelity with more to be […]

  • Sympathy for the Music World

    We are coming up on a full year of dealing with Covid. Bands have been unable to perform live. Venues are shuttered. Agents, publicists, side players, music shops, instrument repair shops, music newspapers (including the Troubadour!) suffer, as do all those engaged in the music world for a livelihood. Here in San Diego’s bluegrass world […]

  • Tony Rice: An Appreciation

    Tony Rice died in December at the age of 69. He is considered by many to have been the greatest and most influential guitar player in bluegrass history. From his obituary in the New York Times: Mr. Rice left his mark on a host of prominent musicians, including his fellow newgrass innovators Mark O’Connor and […]

  • Happy Bluegrass New Year to All!

    2020 has been a tough year for everyone. In our bluegrass music world, festivals were canceled, jam sessions suspended, concerts foregone, and the economic fiber of the music world, including this newspaper, stretched terribly thin. There were some highlights though, reminding us of the positive camaraderie that can be built through music and of the […]

  • The Bluegrass Special Is Back!!

    Last month we covered the sad end of KSON’s Bluegrass Special Radio Show hosted by Wayne Rice, which had been running for 43 years. We noted the irony that the show was cancelled by corporate headquarters at the same time that Wayne Rice was awarded IBMA’s highest award—the Lifetime Achievement Award. Well, the show is […]

  • The End of an Era

    KSON’s Bluegrass Special radio show, hosted by Wayne Rice for the last 44 years, is no more. May it rest in peace and may all who cherish bluegrass music remember it fondly, with thanks to Wayne for a long and memorable run. The corporate parent of KSON unceremoniously notified Wayne in early September that the […]

  • Women in Bluegrass

    Bluegrass music was started in the 1940s by Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys. This great group is still the gold standard for bluegrass music today. At that time the vast majority of bluegrass music players, and all the stars, were men. The women were few and far between and almost always relegated to playing […]