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  • A Conversation, Questions, and Reviews

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    This month we talk to entertainment attorney and CEO of Pacific Records Brian Witkin, find out about cartoons from Jim Basnight, Allen Camp, Nathan Hubbard, Kevin Ring, Felissia Mae, and Will Tisch and take a listen to new albums from The Litter and S. Mathias & The Honeycombs. A CONVERSATION WITH BRIAN WITKIN: MUSIC AND […]

  • February 2021 Calendar

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  • Peter Sprague Plays Pat Metheny

    It’s difficult to think of life without Pat Metheny. For the last 45 years the jazz guitarist has been one of the most prominent musicians to have shaped the sonic landscape of the United States and, for that matter, the rest of the world. And for San Diegans it’s difficult to think of life here […]

  • LUC TRAHAND: In Coherence

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    In Coherence is the debut album by Luc Trahand. He is a local multi-instrumental singer/songwriter, a young musician who made this a true solo project by writing the ten originals, playing all instruments (programming the drums and strings) and doing the recording and producing—as well as artwork—all at home. Trahand’s music is pop that draws […]

  • Stay in School (Part One)

    In the autumn of 1980, I was 18 and living in an apartment by myself for the first time. Looking back, there have actually been very few instances over the ensuing 40 years where that has been the case, but one thing all of those abodes shared in common was their (ahem) compactness. It has […]

  • Laura Jane Willcock and Thomas Yearsley: Sweethearts on an E-Ticket Ride

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    It’s 6:15 on a Tuesday morning. Past the desert valley the mountains rise up into their own isolation, stretching themselves awake as the first light begins to break. The clouds, roiling in, create a reflected image of the mountains projecting all the more brilliantly as they turn from a soft pink to a hot flowing […]

  • The Nontraditional Tradition of Gabriel Sundy

    Gabriel Sundy was in a quandary. The musician and composer was racking his brains trying to figure out what kind of music it was on a recent recording. “What kind of music is this? I don’t even know!” he was heard to say. With all the distortion and loudness, was it metal? Was it head-banging […]

  • CHARLIE MARKS: Honey Baby

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    Charlie Marks has a new CD, Honey Baby, a collection of 13 traditional country blues and one original played by Marks live in the studio, just him and his banjo. This is old time music, and Marks’ presentation counts as an attempt to frame it old-fashioned style—his banjo playing is simultaneously raw and rustic and […]

  • Band of Brothers: The Liggins Brothers

    Although they were both born in Oklahoma (Joe in Guthrie on July 9, 1915, and Jimmy in Newby on October 14, 1922), band leaders Joe and Jimmy Liggins relocated to San Diego as youths. Revered by lovers of jump blues, swing, and R&B, they soon began their musical apprenticeship in the local clubs of 1930s. […]