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  • JIM ALLEN: If I Could

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    San Diego’s Jim Allen’s last release, Ten Songs, was a pleasing collection of covers of country standards that showcased his deep, resonating voice, with a quality that matches the way classic male country stars like Johnny Cash and George Jones could take over a song. His new one is If I Could, and this time […]

  • Meditation on a Coffee Table

    OUCH!! Mo@*#$F -%?&er! The force of my shin making contact (yet again) with the edge of the titular living room furniture presses down on sensory receptors in my skin, which detect that excruciating pain and convert it into an electrical signal called an action potential. It is then carried along the axon of the sensory […]

  • In the Woods

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    Hello Troubadourians! Which elements define the tone of an electric guitar? Just like any guitar, electric guitars are first and foremost acoustic guitars. I can say from experience that an electric guitar that doesn’t sound good acoustically—that means unplugged—it is unlikely that it will sound good when it is plugged into an amp. Likewise, if […]

  • HAYWIRE: Teetering on the Edge

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    Haywire is a popular band name, and the Julian band is one of several in multiple genres on the web sharing the name, from cover bands to bluegrass. They are neither and on their third album since 2017, they fit most comfortably in the folk-pop category. Their last release was 2019’s Awake in the Dream, […]

  • The Creative Mind of Catherine Barnes

    Catherine Barnes plays percussion, making rhythms and adding dynamics to musical ensembles with snare drums, timpani, and tambourines. She also plays the vibraphone and marimba. Catherine Barnes sings. And since 2018, this San Diego native has become a storyteller. She combines characters and songs with offbeat plots to create theater experiences that are unique in […]

  • November 2020 Calendar

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    This month we ask Five Questions of Marie Haddad, look at recent and upcoming new major music releases with a San Diego connection, and take a listen to Jim Basnight’s latest album. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR MARIE HADDAD Pianist / Singer–Songwriter Marie Haddad is one of San Diego’s musical treasures, in a class of her own. […]

  • The End of an Era

    KSON’s Bluegrass Special radio show, hosted by Wayne Rice for the last 44 years, is no more. May it rest in peace and may all who cherish bluegrass music remember it fondly, with thanks to Wayne for a long and memorable run. The corporate parent of KSON unceremoniously notified Wayne in early September that the […]