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  • A Love Letter to Blonde Bruce (1953-2020)

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    “Blonde” Bruce Thorpe was once a living legend in San Diego, and today he passed on to perhaps live another larger-than-life existence in some other far away universe. I first met Bruce sometime around 1982 or’83, shortly after he moved from Phoenix to San Diego. My first recollection of ever seeing him, was sitting on […]

  • MIKE CRAIG: Cowboy Boots

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    Mike Craig has played bass and sung in San Diego’s seminal cowboy/train acoustic band Trails and Rails for nearly a decade on records like 2015’s Gathering Strays. On that album, Craig wrote seven of the songs, a sign of things to come: he has released his solo debut, Cowboy Boots, featuring 14 Craig originals, all […]

  • Masking Opportunity

    It all started with the birds. Each morning (on a workday) I get up at the actual butt-crack of dawn, when the first slivers of daylight begin to wend their way through the branches and power lines and splash upon the angled rooftops that surround the backyard. The first order of business is to take […]

  • How Did I Get Here: My Journey into the World of Concert Photography

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    The question was: How did you get here? How did you make the journey from musician to concert photographer? Thinking on that, I found that the answer actually might be more revealed in the question of who is a concert photographer? Based on my observations and friendships with fellow concert photographers, I believe the following […]

  • NATHAN AND JESSIE: You’re the Star

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    Nathan and Jessie, from Temecula but more accurately residents of the entire planet, have been busy since their 2015 debut recording, If I Could I Would, and now have four full length CDs and an EP out, including 2018’s That’ll Never Be Me, and their new album is You’re the Star. Their sound is a […]

  • Thoughts and Resources for Surviving the COVID Lockdown

    THOUGHTS I’m a bluegrass musician, but I am also an elected local official. In the latter capacity I get access to the latest information from our state government about the virus. Two world-class virus experts are constituents living in my community with whom I regularly interact. I also sit on committees at UCSD Medical School, […]

  • May 2020 Calendar

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  • WTF is WFH?

    For us old geezers, the world is a dizzying cornucopia of new technology, hermeneutic emojis, and online lingo. We’re expected to work on Canvas, teleconference on Zoom, and message our kids on TikTok when it’s time to come home for dinner. It’d be nice if they messaged us back in complete sentences or at least […]