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  • Guitar Geekery

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    Hello Troubadourians! I love guitars. I love playing them. I love listening to them. I love looking at them. I love buying them. And I love talking about them. Totally geeking out over guitars is fun and entertaining. One of the highlights of my year is going to the NAMM show and hanging out with […]


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    The Desert Line, San Diego natives who recently resettled in their hometown, have been playing Americana music in San Francisco. Their latest CD is a self-titled, NorCal production, and the band for this project is built on the songwriting duo of Jason Phillips and Patricia Pauchnick. Samuel Kaplan-Good on drums and Jeff Krider’s bass guitar […]

  • Digging for Gold (Can Give You More Than Dirty Fingernails)

    Squinting into the sunny glare coming off the Pacific Ocean, I felt the realization slowly creep up on me, like the kush and sativa wisps of smoke curling through the streetlights and sidewalk signs of Newport Avenue: It’d been a very long time since I last visited Ocean Beach. Even now, I was only here […]

  • November 2019 Calendar

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  • Spotlight on Carl Sonny Leyland at S.D. Jazz Fest’s 40th Anniversary

    Located in the South East of England, Southampton is a city that exudes pride in both its storied past and its more contemporary history. It is a tourist magnet for vacationers who flock to gaze at vessels dating back to centuries. Many Sotonians—that’s what the locals call themselves—still look back at 1976, when the former […]

  • DANEEN WILBURN: After All This Time

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    If you’ve never heard of San Diego vocalist Daneen Wilburn, do not despair: this amazing singer essentially dropped off the pop music radar un the 1990s in order to raise a family, although she continued to sing in her local church. To get an idea of what the music world has been missing “after all […]

  • It’s all the Buzz—Queen Bee’s Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

    Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center celebrates its 10th anniversary next month with 12 days of special events, including this year’s Beatles Fair. Founded by Alma Rodriguez, aka the Queen Bee, in 2009, today the building at 3925 Ohio St. is not only one of the cornerstones of the North Park’s artists community, it’s also […]