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  • Innerstanding

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    We need a new word, a word for that indescribable awareness within—that dawning realization that did not come second hand from another, or from a book, or at the end of a long line of reasoning. It simply arrived—a lucidity, a clarity, a simple wordless opening through which to see the world. “Understanding” doesn’t quite […]

  • Roman Palacios: A Singer for All Seasons

    Even for the novice not fully acquainted with all things SINATRA, it’s easy to grasp entertainer Roman Palacios’ devotion to the era of the Rat Pack. The trio or quartet backing him on stage is cooking. Palacios himself embodies the well-dressed man, right down to his perfectly positioned breast pocket handkerchief. The many venues where […]

  • School Girl Crush

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    I gripped the saucer-shaped item that had been purchased with allowance funds I had saved up from weekly household chores assigned by my mother. She taught me that money earned through an honest day’s work was fundamental to one’s financial stability and independence, which had an impact on my attitude toward the green stuff, later […]

  • AUNI KEAST: Being Me

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    If you are unfamiliar with the name Auni Keast, do not despair! Although she has been around music all of her life, she only began her journey as a songwriter, singer, guitar and ukulele player back in 2014 even though she played the cello as a child. Auni’s father, the redoubtable bassist Gunnar Biggs, is […]

  • What’s Happening!

    Bluegrass Day at the Del Mar Fair will be held on Saturday, June 29, from 11am to 8pm on the Paddock Stage. This special day of bluegrass is a great way to enjoy the music and also to visit and enjoy the annual San Diego County Fair. Brought to you by the San Diego Bluegrass […]


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    The self-titled new album by Donna Larsen and the Messengers finds the singer/songwriter in a full band setting, moving comfortably between pop and rock idioms on a dozen originals. Larsen is a take-charge vocalist who can deliver a variety of personae from lush ballads to fronting a grinding guitar rock crew. Her songs may jump […]

  • THE BEAT GOES ON: Larry Grano—A Life in Music

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    It’s true that Larry Grano is a master musician. Over the past four decades, Grano has built a rep as a sideman of choice and is one of the busiest players in San Diego’s burgeoning music community. A brilliant drummer with a keen sense of melody, a session powerhouse, a live vocal dynamo and mentor […]

  • A New Guitar?

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    Hello Troubadourians! The other day, someone asked me if I thought they needed a better guitar. I answered by asking two questions of my own: “Why do you think you need a better guitar?” and “Would you know that a guitar was ‘better’ than the one you have if you couldn’t see it first?” Obviously, […]

  • BILL HARTWELL: Reunion

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    Local Americana fans who have heard one of Bill Hartwell’s four previous releases since 2008 already know that the singer/songwriter plays mellow and endearing folk and country rock. He frames it primarily in acoustic, silk-smooth arrangements and loads the lyrics variously with the introspective and personal, often telling observational stories about his, and our, world. […]