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  • DAVID LINDLEY: A Journeyman in the Truest Sense

    Music is mobile. It needs movement and it needs to be released. Not in the record release sense but freed from the chains of commercial interests and categorization. That’s where artists like David Lindley come in to the picture. Deep in the heart of Southern California’s Inland Empire, a few short steps away from the […]

  • Activist, Musician, Educator: CHUNKY SANCHEZ and Singing Our Way to Freedom

    The 1960s and 1970s were tumultuous decades of struggle for many who were seeking civil rights and privileges outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Our great country, though historically better than most other nations in making certain that the status of full-fledged citizens is unmembered, has too often fallen woefully short in protecting the rights of […]

  • HAYWIRE: Awake in the Dream

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    Julian’s Haywire made an impression with 2017’s Time Songs, as the songs of writers Jim Lydick and Kathleen Beck made good use of flute, violin, and other esoteric instruments—along with plenty of guitar and late ’60s vibes—to create an album saturated in the San Francisco Sound. They are back, with the same personnel (Lydick and […]

  • April 2019 Calendar

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  • ‘Stem’-ing the Flow

    In addition to the recording and production work I am often engaged in, I do quite a bit of mastering other people’s mixes into finished works as well. This usually entails applying a touch of EQ to sweeten a track’s overall sound; maybe cutting some lumbering lows or adding a pinch of high-end sugar at […]

  • The End of an Era

    Urban Solace closes its doors for good, ending its famous Sunday Bluegrass Brunch. Quality opportunities to regularly hear great live bluegrass music in San Diego, while enjoying a meal, and for top performers to secure those reliable bluegrass gigs, are limited. Every once in a while something special comes along. There was the Old Time […]