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  • The Sign of the Sun

    Harold Darling opened the Sign of the Sun bookstore at Adams and College Ave. in San Diego sometime around 1960, catering to the students of San Diego State (then College) with used textbooks and magazines of a political and artistic bent, It was the time of folk music’s all-too-brief tie up with the pop music […]

  • Marty Balin: An Appreciation

    Marty Balin, co-founder, lead singer, and a principal songwriter for the iconic ’60s band Jefferson Airplane, died September 27, 2018, at the age of 76. The cause of death hasn’t yet been disclosed. It’s always sad when a musical talent from your prime music listening years passes on, and although natural as it is to […]

  • Bobfest: A Celebration of All Things DYLAN

    What is a Bobfest? Someone once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. If so, designing a celebration of Bob Dylan must be like constructing a building of rainbows. Ross Moore has stepped up to the challenge and assembled an all-day all-Dylan extravaganza, recognizing the artist’s contributions to poetry, literature, the visual […]

  • The (R)evolution of Mark Dresser

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    I first encountered the force that is Mark Dresser at the tender age of 19, right about the time my adventure in jazz began. He was playing in a small art gallery downtown, with a group that featured vocalist Diamanda Galas, cellist Dave Millard, and multi-instrumentalist Jim French. This would have been in 1978. The […]

  • Bluegrass Jokes and Bluegrass Culture

    In this month’s column I will take a look at the culture of jokes that pervades the bluegrass music scene. Partly to understand the humor aspect of the bluegrass culture, but partly just to share some of my favorites. Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys are considered the founding fathers of bluegrass music, and while […]

  • An Interesting Email…

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    Hello Troubadourians! This month I was going to continue our discussion on amplifiers that began back in the September issue, but I received a rather interesting email from a reader named Scott. He asked; “Have you ever discussed how performers can best use technology at a performance? I am not yet a performer, but I […]

  • YALE STROM: Shimmering Lights

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    Yale Strom is a maelstrom of intellectual and creative energy. Besides being the Artist in Residence for Jewish Studies at San Diego State, Strom has distinguished himself as the ethnographer who documented the life and music of Eastern Europe’s Jews during the last days of the Soviet Union (1). He is also a composer, author, […]

  • KEN LEHNIG: Dr. Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show

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    Ken Lehnig’s last two solo albums have been eclectic projects, including 2016’s Holding a Rose. He writes and sings Americana songs that resonate, often capturing quirky characters with lyrical stories built around them. He has doubled down on this genre with his newest release, Dr. Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show. The 15 originals were […]