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  • NATHAN & JESSIE: That’ll Never Be Me

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    A wonderfully exotic bit here, That’ll Never Be Me, by the trio Nathan and Jessie. Yes, a trio despite the problematic moniker, based in Temecula and composed of guitarist-vocalist Nathan Rivera, guitarist-vocalist Jessie Smith, and Trevor Mulvey on upright bass. Performing all original songs, Nathan and Jessie have their roots in a variety of old-timey […]


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    In the summer of 1977, through sheer providence, at the tender age of 19, I attended a concert by John McLaughlin and Shakti, an East meets West band featuring musicians from the North and South Indian music traditions. Even though I was more interested in McLaughlin’s recently disbanded Mahavishu Orchestra, from the very first moment […]

  • GARY SHIEBLER: Isn’t Love Something?

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    Gary Shiebler’s local connections go back to the Dorados, with the late Larry Robinson. He played with the country-oriented Thursday Night Fishing Club and has released solo projects, including 2016’s Depressing Coffee House Songs. That album showed a move away from country toward personal ballads, while keeping some of Shiebler’s storytelling and sharp lyrics intact. […]

  • “Some Enchanted Evening(s)” and Days Set for Tiki Oasis

    To think that the opening night party will be launched at a restaurant called Bali Hai. How absolutely appropriate. This year’s Tiki Oasis celebration–where the adjectives sublime and kitsch are often lined up at the same intersection–will have as its theme, “South Seas Cinema.” With an added day slated this year, the festival will run […]

  • Big Sounds For Small Change

    Increasingly, the quest for finding suitable plug-ins that can help home (and pro) recordists solve problems, bolster a digital track’s positive attributes, and explore new sonic horizons becomes an even more complicated endeavor once budgetary concerns have joined in the pursuit. It’s not just knowing what to use or how to use it; it’s also […]

  • Lou Curtiss RIP: July 2, 1939—July 8, 2018–The King of Vinyl

    The King of Vinyl has died. Lou Curtiss, founder and owner of San Diego’s Folk Arts Rare Records for 47 years, and founder of the San Diego Folk Festival, passed away at his home on July 9, according to his wife, Virginia. The San Diego Troubadour reported the news as follows: I am very sad […]

  • AARON BOWEN: Spring the Necessary Pilgrimage

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    Aaron Bowen’s latest album is Spring the Necessary Pilgrimage. He is a local multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/everything else who has made a reputation as a guitarist, but also has avoided being cornered into any one genre. He has played and recorded locally for a couple of decades, and the new disc is a wonderful testimony to the broad […]