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  • My Brother Was a Mother: A Zappa Family Odyssey

    There have been countless books written about Frank Zappa, who remains one of the greatest enigmas of rock ‘n’ roll. Attempts are made to understand his thought and artistic processes. Was he even a rock star? Jazz-prog musician? Avant-garde composer? Performance artist? Vaudeville troupe leader? He rose to the status of philosopher king and rock […]

  • Into Open Space and Time: Berkley Hart Celebrate 20 Years

    “Jeff and I have been playing as Berkley Hart for 20 years. In band years, that’s, like, 100!” So states Calman Hart when thinking about this milestone he and Jeff Berkley have accomplished. To mark this anniversary, the critically acclaimed and well-loved duo will return to Poway OnStage for “Wreck ‘n’ Show” on Saturday, April […]

  • BERKLEY HART: While the Night Is Still Young

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    Berkley Hart are celebrating 20 years together, and by now many if not most good roots lovers in town can instantly recognize the sublime organic blend of their harmonies, the lyrical insights of Calman Hart in his many musical character studies, and the humor and soul in Jeff Berkley’s liberating country rock. Their new album, […]

  • Solvitur Ambulando

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    Solvitur ambulando is a Latin phrase meaning “it is solved by walking.” According to legend it was first uttered by the Greek philosopher Diogenes. After listening patiently to another philosopher’s ridiculous “proof” that motion was impossible, Diogenes simply got up and walked away, muttering “solvitur ambulando.” If ancient Greeks had mics, that’d be a mic […]

  • Havin’ Some Fun with the Bedbreakers

    How do you not want to sit down and talk with a band called the Bedbreakers? No one really knows where the name came from although the consensus is it originated from “a late night, beer-fueled ‘marketing research session” and the Bedbreakers just happened to be the last name not crossed off the list. That […]

  • April 2018 Calendar

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  • ROBIN HENKEL: Slippery Like a Watermelon Seed

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    The roots of acoustic blues guitar come from the river valleys of America’s heartland, where even earlier forms from Africa found their voice with the field workers a hundred years ago, in their churches and music shows. It was blue collar music, most often played on beat up instruments handed down or rescued from pawn […]

  • DAVE HOWARD: Fate Rumbled

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    While not all songwriters have the gift to write instantly catchy songs, Dave Howard has no problem. He has written music for six CD releases since the early 1990s and has worked with a roster of top local roots artists, including Cathryn Beeks, Jeff Berkley, Lisa Sanders, A.J. Croce, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Jewel, Steve Poltz, […]


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    It is at times like these that I’m extremely glad that I did not follow the advice of Ms. Kemmer, my high school guidance counselor, that I did not go to med school and become a doctor, that law school and becoming a lawyer was left out of the picture for me, that I did […]