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  • Julian Family Fiddle Camp and Front Country

    There are so many great ways to enjoy and participate in bluegrass music in San Diego that we are truly blessed. These opportunities include everything from great festivals (Summergrass), to slow jams, to Tuesday bluegrass nights, to special concerts, workshops, campouts and more. One way to participate is to take lessons by attending a music […]

  • Fanfare for an American Maverick: Ruth Crawford Seeger

    Say the name, and the action is clear: Xerox, to copy; Google, to search; Maverick, to go it alone. The latter (the refined term is eponym) comes by way of Samuel Maverick, an early twentieth-century Texas drover who refused to brand his calves. Without a burnt-flesh insignia, cowboys couldn’t tell one cow from another. But, […]

  • ROBERT WARREN: From There to Here

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    From There to Here is the latest from Robert Warren, an East County troubadour whose debut album, 2016’s Shuster’s Hill, was a fascinating collection of folk songs with sadness, heartbreak, and pain as prevailing themes; Warren’s nickname isn’t the “king of pain” because he does light pop. The new album has 10 original, country-influenced folk […]

  • Jesse Cook: Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Thrives in the Snowbelt

    The word “flamenco” tends to conjure images of gentle hillsides covered with whitewashed homes topped with red tile roofs, of azure beaches and balmy nights. And guitarist Jesse Cook, a leading exponent of nuevo flamenco, is hardly opposed to balmy weather. It’s just that when you grew up–and still live with your wife and two […]

  • NANCARROW: Hot Chicken

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    Fans of alternative country music that rocks, while having a built in respect for the old time honkey tonk sound and its patron saints, will be glad to hear that Nancarrow has a new album out. The North County group is following up 2015’s Simple Things with another full-length CD, Hot Chicken. Their last effort […]

  • TWEED DELUXE: Itty Bitty King

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    A confession, an admission, a sliver of honesty, whatever you want to call it: I am a blues harmonica, 50 years in the practice. Some think what I do is hip, slick, and cool. What I’d say is that I’m not bad at all, and that my love is inspired by Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite, […]

  • The Secret of Yoga

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    Most mornings, after coffee and quiet reading, as soon as dawn starts to show, I take my yoga mat out into the backyard and I roll it out on the deck beneath the rustling trees. I face the rising sun. Then, as the last star fades, I begin. I don’t remember every pose. I haven’t […]