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  • July 2017 Calendar

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  • West Coast Iron Works Celebrates 50 Years

    They began as a sign of the times – a small, high school rock ‘n roll band in the late 1960s. Before long the West Coast Iron Works had become a highly polished, award-winning ensemble, performing throughout Southern California, with regular appearances on KOGO’s Corner (hosted by Regis Philbin). Now, 50 years later, the Iron […]

  • We Are Always Traveling

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    We are traveling 1,000 miles an hour around the center of the earth. The earth is traveling 67,000 miles an hour around the sun–19 miles per second. The sun and its solar system are spiraling around the center of the Milky Way galaxy at 550,000 miles an hour. The Milky Way galaxy is flying away […]

  • Lindsay White Is Ready for the Main Event

    In the last few years, singer-songwriter Lindsay White has been on the ropes, struggling against life’s hits that seem to keep on coming. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t landed a few of her own punches; moments to celebrate and victories to cherish, one of which is the pending release of her first solo record […]


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    Lori Bell and Ron Satterfield have spent the last few years wowing and beguiling audiences with their vibrant combination of straight ahead, pop, and boss nova-inflected jazz. Blue(s), their new album, is a welcome release, an intoxicating blend of classic tunes by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Bill Evans among others, and three guileful originals […]

  • The High Life Cajun Band and the Secret History of Cajun Music in Southern California

    In my opinion, Cajun music constitutes some of the most remarkable music under the umbrella of American Roots Music. The fact that it is sung as part of a living tradition of French language that has existed in our country since its founding is pretty remarkable. That it’s accompanied by 19th-century German accordions and played […]

  • I’d Love to Turn You On: A Brief History of Psychedelics

    There’s the known. And there’s the unknown. And what separates the two is the door. And that’s what I want to be. I want to be the door. – Jim Morrison (1943—1971) And the lonely voice of youth cries: What is truth? – Johnny Cash (1932—2003) If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing […]

  • BERT TURETZKY: From the Archives

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    Whether they know it or not, anyone who plays the contrabass who lives in San Diego (and beyond) has been touched in one way or another by the amazing Bert Turetzky, who turned the world of bass performance around with his startling debut album, Recital of New Music, in 1964. Bert came to San Diego […]

  • Anniversary

    Folk Arts Rare Records opened on July 31, 1967 and has been pretty much in operation since that time. So, we are coming up on 50 years of existence. We also started doing music Festivals (20 San Diego State Folk Festivals, 15 Adams Ave Roots Festivals, 15 Adams Ave.Street Fairs, five San Diego Blues Festivals, […]