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  • TODD E NICOL: Late Some Nights

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    Todd E Nicol is a local singer/songwriter whose new CD is Late Some Nights. Nicol has been playing local haunts like Java Joes, and he has released a previous album of his original country-inspired folk tunes, The Big Spill. While that disc was very uneven, the bare-bones recording of observational and personal songs had an […]

  • March 2017 Calendar

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  • Rebecca Stout and the Magic of Flatfoot Dance

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    When I first met Rebecca Stout in Pasadena she was covered in dirt standing between a goat and chicken, and she had a purple ribbon pinned to her dress. It was a May evening in 2014 and my old-time group, the G Burns Jug Band, had just arrived for a gig at the Urban Homestead, […]

  • Bonnie Wright: A Breath of Fresh Sound

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    “So far so good after 20 years of doing this, who knew, as I now look forward to bringing back some of the original musicians I booked in 1997 for the upcoming 2017 series,” exuded Bonnie Wright, the proud music producer of one of San Diego’s best kept secrets: Fresh Sound, a monthly musical concert […]

  • Ralph Towner: Unconcerned with Which Label Is Applied to his Music

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    You’ll excuse Ralph Towner if he’s not particularly interested in debates over genres and how to define them. The guitarist, who has a solo show this month, grew up playing swing jazz on trumpet, then studied classical piano in college, discovered guitar at age 22, and studied in Vienna before moving to New York City. […]

  • ACTION ANDY & THE HI-TONES: Songs 4 Swingin’ Sinners

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    Ever since 1955, there’ve been a hundred thousand analytic inquires into the significance of rock ‘n’ roll. Sociologists do their darndest to deconstruct the phenom, but I highly suspect that its main purpose in our culture is to reflect and inspire unabashed/uninhibited joy for its initiates. Isn’t that what got the “squares” so uptight during […]

  • KEN LEHNING: Holding a Rose

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    Holding a Rose is the new album by Ken Lehnig. Releasing music on his own or as front man for the Burning Sage Band for many years, he has previously been heard from with his solo CD, 2014’s The American Music Show. That disc and this one share a roster of top-shelf local players in […]

  • Storms Don’t Last

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    When hard times come there’s one thing you can always count on. They don’t last. The world has a way of righting itself. But not before a lot of damage gets done and a lot of people get hurt. Still, it is life’s resiliency that most surprises us. Just when you think the darkness will […]

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