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  • Jimmy Duke, Impresario: Dark Thirty Celebrates 20 Years

    I met Jimmy Duke one Halloween probably 33 years ago. He was dressed as Count Dracula. For years I thought of him as the Count. In the intervening years I have come to think of him as someone you can always count on. On May 3rd, 1998, the Joel Rafael Band performed in Duke’s living […]


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    Cadillac by Suitcase Johnnie, is a R&B roots-soaked romp from the opener, Eddie Harris’ song “Believe That I’ll Go Home” to the final track, “Washington Hotel,” by producer and instrumentalist Dennis Roger Reed. It is a fast-paced, original and good-time musical journey. Front man Marty “Cadillac” McPhee sings his heart out even as he’s laying […]

  • Happy New Year All!

    We had a great bluegrass year in 2016, and here at the Troubadour we are looking forward to even more in 2017. We hope to see you out and enjoying some of the great opportunities here in San Diego to hear live bluegrass music. Here are just a few: FIRST TUESDAY EVERY MONTH: Jam session […]

  • Craft

    The restaurant seemed really nice. White tablecloths accented with crimson napkins, each meticulously wrapped around a silverware setup that weighed almost as much as the gold bar this meal was no doubt going to cost us. Candlelight splashed around the room like wrens in a fountain. Lovers reached their hands across and gazed at each […]

  • CHRISTINE PARKER: Between You & Me

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    Fallbrook native Christine Parker released an EP and full-length CD, Looking Glass, in 2013. The singer/songwriter’s pop makes full advantage of her expressive vocals. Her light pop isn’t unlike Norah Jones or Sheryl Crow, a songstress with good range, catchy songs, and a voice that melts into her music. Her new EP is Between You […]

  • A Call to Arts

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    Never before have the arts mattered so much. As hate crimes escalate across the country the need has never been greater for the artist’s sacred calling: to enlarge our imagination, inflame our empathy, awaken our compassion, and inspire us to action. If you are an artist, you are hereby summoned to ply your craft with […]

  • ROBERT WARREN: Shuster’s Hill

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    Robert Warren has a new CD out, Shuster’s Hill. While he lacks a big digital footprint, Warren is no stranger to the Santee and East County open-mic scene. He writes original folk songs with a touch of country melancholia. There are no rock crossovers, few happy moments, and his often somber lyrics are carefully considered. […]


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    How Long is a new EP by the Glenn Thomas Band, a followup to their CD from late 2015, One Last Stand. This disc is a brief, three-track taste that gives the listener 8½ minutes of the trio’s sound, but puts their best musical feet forward. Thomas’ band plays old school R&B, with a nod […]


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    From New York, Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches have a sound that is, well, unique. The band is built around Nick Russo (all manner of banjo and guitars, vocals) and lead singer/guitarist Betina Hershey. Add David Pleasant’s drums, harp ,and vocals, and additional vocal contributions from Miles Griffith, then add doses of unusual scat singing […]