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  • CAFE PEYOTE: Tales of Humanity

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    Prog Rock came and (mostly) went during the period from the late ‘60s through the ‘80s, the initial monsters of the genre with their concept albums, virtuoso players, and side-long tracks giving way to punk rock with shorter, simpler songs that were easier to play. The genre never went away completely as neo-prog and prog […]

  • An Appreciation: Kris Kristofferson–Wide Awake and Feeing Mortal at 80

    Singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson, who turned 80 last month, is known for saying “heroes happen when you need ’em.” If that is so, then I’ve needed Kristofferson–in persona, songs, stories, and poems–for the last 50 years. After writing so many tributes to great artists who have left us for that song circle in the sky, it […]

  • M.E. LAW: Laughing My AO

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    M. E. Law is a Canadian singer/songwriter (see last month’s profile) who is building a strong local following. Her superb 2014 album, Peace, Love, Death, and Chocolate showed her unique sound–songs that are sophisticated musically, with high and floating, lilting vocals. The thing with Law is the lyrics, and these are wickedly clever and humorous […]

  • The 10 Rules of Art

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    In 1967, Carol King and her husband, Gerry Goffin, were the hottest songwriting team in the business. As King told David Remnick of the New Yorker, they were walking down Broadway one afternoon when a limousine pulled alongside them. The window rolled down and Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records stuck his head out. “I’m looking […]

  • BETH ANNE: Sing It Loud

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    Sing It Loud introduces Beth Anne to the local acoustic scene. Until 2014, she was part of a successful roots quartet in Northern California, called the Railflowers. That group’s run in Chico included three album releases. The singer/songwriter’s specialty seems to be bare-bones folk with spiritually inspired lyrics. The new disc includes five originals, with […]


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    Levi Dean is from Virginia and got his musical start with a band called Dean Stanton. That band toured nationally and released several discs, including Quarter of a Century in 2009. The Americana singer-songwriter’s next stop was Nashville, then in 2014 he moved to San Diego. His current band is Levi Dean and the Americats, […]

  • CHRIS HASSETT: All of Me

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    Since who knows when, Chris Hassett has been performing at small venues and special showcases. And over the last several years he has quietly been releasing disks. San Diego is lucky to have this fine talent. Simply put, Hassett is a masterful crooner who is gifted with a rich baritone voice. He has a refreshingly […]


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    Right now I am so glad that Edison invented his recording machine. And I’m so glad that folks invented microphones and there are recording studios. And I’m so glad that I have my stereo machine on with Nathan Hubbard’s recently released CD, Furiously Dreaming, in the disk player and the volume turned up loud. I’m […]

  • Bluegrass News for August

    Ralph Stanley Passes. The bluegrass community has lost one of the great ones. “Dr.” Ralph Stanley passed away June 23, 2016 from complications of skin cancer. Ralph started playing bluegrass in 1946, although he called it “mountain music” to distinguish it from the “bluegrass” being played by Bill Monroe at the time. Ralph started out […]