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  • Coming Events

    There are some great bluegrass opportunities for fan participation coming up, beyond the usual concerts and jam sessions. Bluegrass Campout. First up is the annual Spring Bluegrass Campout at the KOA in Chula Vista over the weekend of April 29-May 1st. If you didn’t book a camp site, you can stop by for a day […]

  • Woody Guthrie’s Letter to Fred Gerlach

    A few years ago I did a radio show that included some protest songs by the great Leadbelly that included one about the Scotsboro Boys. The next day or so Fred Gerlach came by the store with a copy of a letter he had received from Woody Guthrie back in the early 50’s. It seems […]

  • Retrospection in “Blue” Buddy’s Many Hats, Part 2

    Part Two In last month’s issue–the tenth anniversary of Buddy Blue’s death–we looked at Buddy’s growth as a songwriter and his time with the Rockin’ Roulettes and the Beat Farmers, the latter group earning Buddy an international following. He then celebrated his Syracuse, New York roots when he created the Jacks. At their peak period, […]


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    Move over rock ‘n’ roll! The Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas have landed in complete foot-stompin’, clog hoppin’, thigh slappin’ regalia. Sporting an eclectic collection of instruments, the eight-piece band unveils (finally) album number two, called Second Pint. Fusing the genres of traditional–old fashioned even–Irish folk music with classic country, bluegrass, ragtime, and rock ‘n’ roll, […]

  • EVE SELIS: See Me With Your Heart

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    Eve Selis has been a part of the local roots music landscape for 25 years, an anniversary being observed this year between her and long-time writing and playing partner Mark (Twang) Intravaia. For most of that time, the energetic country-rock songstress has fronted and released albums with the Eve Selis band. Her last release was […]

  • Rockabilly Vinyl with Action Andy

    A few steps into Action Andy Rasmussen’s Spring Valley home, his back patio room is a treasury of vinyl. A few LP covers of albums he recorded are posted on the walls, while another wall has shelves with rows of carefully kept records, some with boxes containing singles. All are in superb condition and plastic […]

  • Joe Marillo: An Inspiration to Us All

    At La Jolla’s old Chuck’s Steak House, in a cramped jazz lounge off to the side of the main dining room that seemed no bigger than a studio apartment, saxophonist Joe Marillo held forth on a miniscule stage, lifting his instrument above his chest, his back arched, letting fly with a rapid succession of notes […]

  • Our Sacred Longing

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    Sometimes it’s a subtle nudge. Other times it’s an insistent desire. We can’t tell if we’re being pulled toward something or pushed away from something else, or both. All we know is, we can’t stay here. Frustrations mount. Powerful emotions like sadness and anger cloud our vision. We know we’re not happy, but we don’t […]

  • Two Faces, Countless Expressions

    I cautiously made my way toward the NAMM show exhibitor’s booth with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation usually reserved for a trip to the optometrist. You know: “Will these frames make me look every bit the rock star I know myself to be, or will I disdainfully rip them off of my face with […]