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  • Story Time

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    Hello Troubadourians! I want to tell you a story about two guitars I had the privilege to shepherd for a while, one of which I actually owned. Fine guitars are born with a personality that is further shaped by the things they experience during their time being played by humans. Some have a tough life […]

  • VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ticket to Write

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    One sentence in the liner notes adequately depicts the audio flavor of this nostalgic release: “This 19-song soundtrack CD recreates the sounds of the ’60s and ’70s, exploring early hard rock, garage, folk, glam, punk, metal, pop, and country-rock.” This original motion picture soundtrack coincides with a 90-minute documentary, Ticket to Write: The Golden Age […]

  • Some Thoughts on Jazz Roots

    I want to apologize to you all who listen to my radio show regularly. The station (KSDS 88.3FM) has been running repeats since late October, citing logistical problems as the reason. We were supposed to go live at the first of the year but I’ve heard nothing from the station in spite of the fact […]

  • Meditation

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    Meditation is the fine art of stillness. It’s difficult at first because our mind, like a torrent after a storm, doesn’t know how to be still. The mind’s nature is motion. Beginning meditators all make the same mistake–they try to control the mind. Of course, it doesn’t work. They fail, give up, and say things […]

  • Thoughts About Bluegrass

    What makes bluegrass music one of the most enduring, and fastest growing, forms of music? That’s a great question without a totally clear answer. But, here are some thoughts: It’s authentic. In a time of studio produced “packaged” music, best exemplified by modern county music found on the radio, bluegrass is different. It is the […]

  • David Bowie–Musings from Outside the Circle: The Singer-Songwriter Years, 1967-1973

    It has already been a year of passages. 2016 has begun with a reminder of all things temporal. It is a time for changes as the psalmist once said. For the iconic rock artist David Bowie and those who traveled along on his musical ride over the last 49 years, the passage along his stardust […]

  • Nathan and Jessie: After the Deluge

    After a week and five inches of rain, only a few puddles remain, full of leaves, in front of the Poway Branch Library. Off to one side of a courtyard in the handsome Spanish-style building is the meeting room where Nathan and Jessie are setting up to play. The vaulted ceiling rises easily 35 feet […]

  • Scary Sharing

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    Hose, this is your conscience. You’re getting too far out there. Try to share. Try building a rapport with your reader. After all, when it comes to reality, we’re all singing the same song. You know, you and I have a lot in common. One of the greatest things is our shared good fortune to […]

  • THE LIQUORSMITHS: This Book Belongs To

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    Always nice to be immediately greeted by a pleasant voice with clever phrasing, quirky lyrics, and not-so-obvious chord changes throughout this six-track goody from the Liquorsmiths. Led by Drew Thams on acoustic guitar, lead vocals, and standup bass on four tracks, the trio is rounded out with Clayton B. Payne on drums and Ryan Fischer […]