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  • PASSION PERSONIFIED — Getting Your Kicks and Expressing Yourself: THE SAN DIEGO ZINE EXPLOSION

    Passion: [noun] A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. Ardent love. Strong sexual desire; lust. Q: What motivates you to do the things that you do in this life, borne out of “necessity,” “responsibility,” or “choice?” And beyond the daily grind of fulfilling those responsibilities, how else do you choose to spend […]

  • Guitar Workshop Plus: An Opportunity to Learn While You’re Having Fun!

    Stu Hamm Musicians looking to stretch their talents, possibly learn a few new tricks and mingle with like minded folks won’t want to miss Guitar Workshop Plus, taking place at California State University San Marcos on June 21 through 26. Based in Canada, founded in 2002, GWP is an intensive, week long music-study “camp” that’s […]

  • When God Loves a Man

    On November 25, 1940, God created a great legend that would impact many lives near and far. He created a unique, distinguished sound by the name of Percy Sledge. Percy was a very down-to-earth, ordinary man who enjoyed life and people. He had the meek and humble spirit of a baby but also the voice […]

  • Servicing That Itch

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    Occasionally in a performer’s life, there comes a point when he realizes that he hasn’t put on a real live show in over eight years. When that performer happens to be me, that moment of clarity begins to bitch-slap his soul. How dare he withhold his nourishment from the parched throats of the public for […]


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    If you start off a church service with a live blues or jazz jam, you’re likely to get God’s attention, plus you might also attract more worshippers who will likely focus more on the band and music than in a noisy nightclub. Rev. Jerry Andrews is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in downtown San […]

  • DAN GINDLING: Yesterday’s Moon

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    When last heard from on 2013’s Fingerprints, Dan Gindling sang mellow and personal folk-style tunes, many about love and loss; he also added a couple that had something to say about social issues. The local singer/songwriter has followed up with a new album, Yesterday’s Moon, and his sound has become more eclectic, with a shift […]


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    Before his recent move to Utah, he likely had a hand in more recent, quality local music than anyone else, though much was behind the scenes. Sven-Erik Seaholm has collected 11 San Diego and Los Angeles Music Awards — so far — for Acoustic Artist, Record of the Year, and Record Producer of the Year. […]

  • Missy Andersen: Singing from the Soul

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    Dateline: Memphis,TN Missy Andersen clutches a massive cup of coffee and scans the entire hotel lobby. She’s understandably anxious; in just hours the Blues Foundation will announce the winners of the 2015 Blues Music Awards. Missy is in Memphis, the home of the blues, B.B. King has said, as one of five nominees in the […]