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  • Jazz Jam at Java Joe’s

    The story may or may not be true, about how a young alto saxophone player named Charlie Parker got kicked off the bandstand during a 1930s-era club jam session. As the story goes, when compared to the pros at the session on that particular day, Parker was in way over his head, and it showed. […]

  • Scales

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    Hello Troubadourians! Over the years, I have written about numerous things that have an affect on your tone and I have discussed — sometimes in exceeding detail — the methods and devices you can utilize to control, alter, and ultimately optimize your tone. There is, however, one factor of every instrument that is both the […]

  • How the Blues Came to Folk Arts Rare Records & What It Found There!

    It wasn’t too long after I opened the store on July 31st 1967, that I came in contact with the blues. In fact, I’d been open less than a month when my old friend Ken Swerilas, 78 record collector supreme, came into the store and told me he was bringing this old bluesman out from […]


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    The trio of Choro Sotaque has released their first disk, an EP of five tunes that will leave many listeners tapping their toes and wanting to hear more of this band’s charming and sweet music. An earlier form of music than either samba or bossa nova, choro is comparable to its American counterpart: ragtime. You […]

  • Family Folk in April: Martin & Eliza Carthy

    He is a giant of English folk music, a strong singer, multi-instrumentalist, and a major influence on American folk heroes Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Martin Carthy plays traditional folk songs with a very distinctive guitar style that has made him, in the words of AllMusic’s Bruce Eder, “as much a scholar as a performer,” […]

  • Willa Mamet and Paul Miller Bring their Brand of Americana to San Diego

    Not too long ago (beginning in 2001 when the Coen Brothers movie O Brother Where Art Thou? was a runaway hit) a new genre of music rose from the ashes of the singer-songwriter Jurassic: Americana, inspired by the soundtrack to the movie and by the music of rising stars like Gillian Welch and Alison Kraus […]

  • J. Otis Williams and the Wednesday Night Blues ReDux

    Wednesday has always been known as hump day, even before those camels started talking. It’s the heart of the work week where you take a deep breath, put your head down and aim straight for the weekend. In order to give you a clearer shot and pinpoint your target, J. Otis Williams and KSDS Radio […]

  • April 2015 Calendar

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