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  • Normandie Wilson Makes It All Work

    Normandie Wilson seems to have emerged as a talent, fully formed only recently, but there is a lifetime of experience behind her cocktail jazz pop. Recently featured on NBC’s Sound Diego, she currently has a Wednesday and Thursday evening residency at the Lafayette Hotel; meanwhile, most Saturday nights, she can be found at the Caliph […]


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    Aye, that’s a lovely chune… By now there must be hundreds of singer-songwriters calling San Diego home, which is both understandable and ironic. When faced with a choice between constant inclement weather in your native homeland and the sunny climes of San Diego, millions have been seduced by our fair city’s eco system. The irony […]


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    In 2012, four UCSD student/musicians decided to join up for a battle of the bands and Soda Pants was born. Since then, the alt-folk rock band has been surprise winners of San Diego Music Awards’ Best New Artist for 2013, landed spots on West Coast tours, and raised enough Kickstarter cash to record an eponymous […]

  • PODUNK NOWHERE: Crackle and Shake

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    Some albums instantly put the listener into a space. Like you’re there. Crackle and Shake, the newest realease from trippy-folk-rockers Podunk Nowhere, is one of those albums. Crackle and Shake is a marvelous collection of songs that saunters through its own down-tempo-ish experience. The lyric and the music support each other with a minor key […]

  • ANNA DANES: Longing

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    “Splendor in the Grass” is the opening track to Anna Danes’ debut album, Longing, and its affecting vocals are fluid throughout the entirety of the 12-song collection. Languid, but far from dull, Danes moves across the album with a graceful sound that is seemingly effortless. Longing contains an eclectic mix of songs, but a consistently […]

  • JUICE BOX: A New Take on Soul and Funk

    “We put it out on vinyl.” “Vinyl?” “Yes, vinyl.” “You mean like an LP?” I asked. Believing that the last recording committed to an actual two-sided 331/3 RPM long-playing record album was put out by Michael McDonald, or the Doobie Brothers, or some sort of disco act in 1978, I was understandably incredulous. “You’re putting […]

  • NORMANDIE WILSON: Geography and Other Problems

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    Normandie Wilson is a lounge singer who writes songs in the mold of the Brill Building, Carole King, and Burt Bacharach — pop confections that are about emotions, and built on her piano playing. The local artist has released two previous EPs and two CDs since 2010, the most recent with vocals At the Heart […]

  • A Little More About Amps…

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    Hello Troubadourians! Back in July I shared a brief treatise on tube amplifiers. I also mentioned that I would talk about non-tube amps in a later column. Well, here we go… There are actually several sub-classes of non-tube amplifiers that include solid-state amps, digital modeling amps, and hybrid amps, amps that are essentially solid-state or […]