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  • Mikan Zlatkovich: Man in the Moment

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    “The time for performing is now. The time for practicing was then,” says Mikan Zlatkovich. We’re at a Starbucks in the middle of Kearney Mesa. I’ve barely sat down, barely had a chance to grab my pen or get out my notes, and Zlatkovich is already talking to me about his life and his music. […]

  • NAMM 2014 part one

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    Hello Troubadourians! Every year in late January, the Anaheim Convention Center is overrun with all things musical. Yes, the annual Winter NAMM show was in town and that’s where practically every manufacturer, independent builder, and obsessed inventor came to display their products and ideas to the musical world. The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) […]

  • April 2014 Calendar

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  • Some Real Truthful Tales

    With April 1st coming up as I write, I’m looking over the Lou Curtiss Sound Library and all the tellers of tales I’ve run into and recorded over the years. Here are a few of my favorites. First, from San Diego’s own SAM HINTON: “It was about the quick changing qualities of the weather in […]

  • CHRIS HASSETT: Just in Time

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    Chris Hassett has just released Just in Time, his third CD. If you like the old standards, or if you simply like to hear a great crooner in top form, then Just in Time certainly deserves a listen or two. And if you’re not yet a fan of this talented singer, this package of 12 […]

  • MOHAVISOUL: Blue Diesel

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    San Diego’s Mohavisoul had a winning bluegrass formula on their last EP, Every Second. Mark Miller and Randy Hansen’s band stick to an old-school approach on their new one, Blue Diesel. This is old grass, with themes and instrumentation that harken back to the hill music that got this whole genre started — and if […]

  • Michael Nesmith: The Rise of the Cosmic Monkee

    If any Texas born country singer-songwriter could be considered a cosmic cowboy it’d have to be Michael Nesmith. After even a brief perusal of his 7’0s solo albums it becomes clear if Gram Parsons coined the term “American Cosmic Music,” Nesmith certainly defined and expanded it. A listen to his current album, Rays, solidifies his […]

  • TREVOR MCSPADDEN: Western Automatic Music

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    Lately, many big-time male country music singers often seem to be more and more an interchangeable group of hat-wearing hunks whose music is too often a glossy mush of similar, mediocre songs about pickup trucks, beer, and Levi-clad bar babes. The old honky-tonk songs were about the hard, blue-collar life on the road and heartbreak; […]

  • Bringing Sick Back

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    Thanks for putting up with me again last month when I embroiled myself in yet another maniacal rant concerning the word “c–l”. It must have been about the fifth or sixth time I’ve given serious consideration to that abominable term since I started writing “Hosing Down” in 2001 and I promise not to bring it […]