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  • BLACK MARKET III: Black Roses

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    Lakeside bluesman Scottie Blinn captured lightning in a bottle last fall with his new band Black Market III and their sizzling debut, Songs That Shake the Cage. Equal parts growling vocals and full frontal guitar flash, it featured a lively blend of originals and blues and traditional covers. Since then the three have been busy […]

  • Who Are You?

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    Hello Troubadourians! This column marks the beginning of my third year writing this column. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Now, back to the real stuff… As a performing musician, you often encounter people who haven’t heard you play. Inevitably, someone will ask you, “Who do you sound […]

  • New-World Sound, Old-World Name: TRIO GADJO breathes new life into a past genre

    If you stroll into the Ritual Tavern in North Park on any given Wednesday, chances are you will hear a rhythmic and jivey music swelling from a corner of the dimly lit main room. These beats being laid out are not those of a swing, funk, blues, or classic jazz band but the sound of […]


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    Wow. That was my first reaction to the sounds of Unnamed Lands when the first strains of music came out of my stereo. I don’t believe that I’ve heard another recording so well produced. It is as though each note of this collaboration between two talented musicians was individually equalized and sound engineered. The music […]

  • For Your Information

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    This month I feature reviews and the latest in a series on international artists and their performances in San Diego — past articles have spotlighted the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, and now: SPRINGSTEEN AND SAN DIEGO Notably, San Diego is mentioned in three Bruce Springsteen songs: 1973 “Rosalita”- from the […]


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    Israeli guitarist Meir Shitrit’s San Diego connections include his ukulele and bouzouki session work with the Teagan Taylor Trio. Playing guitar, bouzouki, saz, and lap steel on his debut CD, Way, he mixes world music and smooth jazz elements in a dozen interesting original songs. Recorded in Israel with a cadre of capable session men […]

  • NISHA CATRON: Further South

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    In our quest for truth and self, the road less travelled in life is the one we should all take, at some point, if we expect to get somewhere in this world. For singer-songwriter Nisha Catron, she has certainly applied this theory to heart; on her album, Further South, she jumps into her car and […]

  • North Mississippi Allstars Bring World Boogie from Home

    There is great joy in the blues. It’s an irony easily overlooked. But the North Mississippi Allstars on their 2013 release, World Boogie Is Coming, bring it on so completely it’s almost overwhelming. This is not your ordinary blues-rock trio. It’s as if these artists could have been plucked from the streets of Tupelo in […]

  • ACTION ANDY & THE HI-TONES: High and Lonesome/The Fall and Rise of HiLo

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    In 2014 can popular music be retro-sounding and innovatively forward-thinking at the same time? And what exactly does it mean to be at the vanguard of any artistic discipline? These are but two of the thoughts that came tumbling down from the heavens after partaking of the latest platter by the inimitable Action Andy. “Action […]