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  • The Five Lies

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    There are five lies that stand between you and the life you deserve. They block your view, stall your progress and steal your resolve. Don’t bother looking for anyone else to blame. You are their author, their advocate, and their most loyal defender. You need them. They help you stay stuck in the familiar world […]

  • Bluegrass Music Is Family Friendly

    Bluegrass music, and the bluegrass community, are family-friendly. Youngsters and families are welcome at nearly all events, and most bluegrass activities do not involve late nights or alcohol-driven experiences. Rather, the focus is on jamming, networking, listening to great music, and joining in on the fun. Concerts typically start at decent hours, like 7 pm […]

  • Scribe of the Tribe: The Ballad of Paul Williams

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    “Each man creates himself. Do not be afraid to love. The only sin is self-hatred. It is the act of self-negation. Words contain no awareness. They can only trigger awareness. It does no good to try to impress a man with some thought he can’t relate to. But if you can make him realize the […]

  • JOE RATHBURN: The Baseball Songs

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    Play Ball! Baseball season is here again, just ask Joe Rathburn. The longtime fixture on the San Diego roots music scene is not only a diehard fan, but has played outdoor gigs at the Tin Fish, half a block from Petco Park before Padre games since the park opened, over 700 games. Entering his 10th […]

  • ROB BONDURANT: Through My Hands

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    Should you happen upon the debut CD of San Diego singer-songwriter Rob Bondurant and looked at the titles on the back cover you would be forgiven for thinking that it is album of cover songs. Why, there’s Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” Tom Petty’s “The Waiting,” Prince’s “Mountains,” Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s “Sleepless Nights,” and […]

  • Why Is There no Grammy for Folk Music?

    Classical cellist Yo Yo Ma won the Grammy for “Folk” this year, for a recording released on Sony Classical. Hello? Who were Ry Cooder and the Carolina Chocolate Drops competing with — perhaps the Berlin Chamber Ensemble, too? Banjoist Stephen Wade — who wrote his own liner notes for Banjo Diary — lost out to […]

  • THE WALDEN APPROACH: Love: Get the Word Around

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    Marie and Nastasha Weston are The Walden Approach, and their debut EP is Love: Get the Word Around. The pair met local guitarist Steve Langdon through a recording class he offered, and he recorded and produced their four-track project, with the two sharing the singing and songwriting. This is bare-bones music, with just the Westons […]

  • A Burning Bright Light: Stevi England, 1962-2012

    Last year, we all lost a burning bright light. Stevi England’s (aka Stevi Lynn) life was tragically cut down in a random and senseless event. Stevi was widely known in San Diego Music Circles for many years as a premier blues singer. She was a force of nature, a true natural talent, and a beautiful […]

  • The Trouble with Kids Today

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    I don’t think that most residents of modern, sparkly, wants-to-be-New-York-so-bad-it-hurts San Diego are aware that one of its popular locations is actually a kind of combination Ripley’s Museum/leper colony of which we should be sincerely ashamed. “Oh Hose, I’d love to drive you down there; we could have a picnic… but aren’t you under some […]