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    Let’s get right to the point. New Orleans Preserves is a really good album. It’s full of well chosen covers, with a trio of originals highlighting the album, which, as the title implies, harkens back to classic New Orleans sound of the 1920s to 1960s. Hot jazz, R&B, early rock ‘n’ roll, blues, touches of […]

  • CATHOUSE THURSDAY: Walking My Elephant

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    Twelve years ago Will Faeber returned to San Diego after spending some time in Europe where he enjoyed a successful hit record called No Small Comfort. Back in the States he signed a record deal that quickly went sour and the subsequent lawsuit dragged on for years. In the meantime, Faeber and his friend John […]

  • Tiki Oasis: Where Espionage Meets Exotica

    On the silver screen during the ’60s, audiences were captivated by the suave persona of Sean Connery as 007, the cynicism of Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, and the devil-may-care attitude (not all that different from his TV host persona) of Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm. On television, viewers were entertained by Patrick […]

  • Sam Jones: The Baudelaire of Hilltop High

    Make sure that there’s a Dixie moon, New Orleans, I’ll be there. . .me and you, Sam Jones and all. —Tom Waits, “I Wish I Was in New Orleans” This past month, former San Diegan and rock-‘n’-roll hall-of-famer Tom Waits went out on the late-night talk show circuit, visiting David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. Waits, […]

  • Long Day’s Journey into Texas

    It was sometime in the 1960s (I forget just what year). It was in the fall and I had some time off from school and was out on one of my sprees looking for old phonograph records. I was with my friend Art and we were stuck in Chicago and it was starting to get […]

  • LEN G.: Even Rainbows Fade

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    Len G. (Guerzon) is a North County musician with early experience in rock bands, then working club gigs in LA before settling into a day job, while keeping a musical focus in the contemporary Christian scene. In 2005, he retired and has been splitting his time writing and playing both spiritual and secular songs while […]

  • JEFF LARSON: The World Over

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    Jeff Larson may not be a superstar name, but he has an established career with at least 10 previous album releases since 1998, including House Concert, reviewed in the January Troubadour. He’s deeply connected to a group of LA soft harmony-rock artists that include both members of ’70s popsters America (Dewey Bunnell and Gary Beckley), […]

  • A Bonus from Presonus, Part 2: StudioLive 16.0.2 Mixer

    The worlds of recording and live sound are obviously closely related, but each maintains its own separate identity. The former may seem more calculated and detail oriented, while live performances are often seen as more “in the moment.” My personal view is that these elements exist in both situations to varying degrees, and a little […]

  • On a Magical Musical Tour with Steam Powered Giraffe

    It’s a warm summer’s day at the San Diego Zoo. People stroll, perhaps not as gracefully as the pink flamingos that greet visitors at the entrance, but not much faster than them either. To the north of the entrance is an ensemble offering a musical extravaganza with a real kink-in-time theme. A quartet plays 1950s […]