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  • YALE STROM & HOT PSTROMI: The Devil’s Brides

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    Klezmer is a style of Jewish folk music developed in Eastern Europe, which, having been brought to America by immigrants in the late 19th century, was largely lost due to a combination of the devastation of the Holocaust and its assimilation into the American jazz tradition. Fortunately, the genre was “rediscovered” in the late 1970s. […]

  • The Starving Musicians: Where to Eat in This Town

    Well, the Starving Musicians are well fed! We checked out, not one, but three eateries for our column this month, looking for something to boast about. All three met our guideline premise as establishments monetarily supporting local music. Ergo, they actually pay the musicians who perform there. What a concept! Again, our philosophy is if […]

  • News from the Bluegrass World

    July and August will bring some great bluegrass to San Diego. First and foremost, the 10th annual Summergrass Bluegrass Festival comes to Vista over the weekend of August 17-19. The Troubadour will help celebrate this 10th anniversary with a cover story about the event. And, check the Summergrass website (www.summergrass.net) to see the music lineup, […]

  • My Dad

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    My 90-year-old dad is in hospice care. He stopped eating. He says he doesn’t remember how to chew. The IV drip administers hydration, nutrition, and morphine for his chronic pain. No one knows how long he has. No one knows how long any of us has. It’s just that with him the problem is a […]

  • A Bonus from Presonus, Part 1: Studio One 2

    DAW. An acronym for Digital Audio Workstation. Maybe you’ve seen the term referenced here or in the pages of your favorite recording magazine. If you use your computer to record audio, you probably have one… or several. Their names might seem familiar: Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Sonar, Vegas and of course, the brand so ubiquitous […]

  • The Spirit of Music and Suvival According to Michael Tiernan

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    What exactly is a songwriter? (Yep, I’m beginning this article with a good old-fashioned definition intro. Bear with me, I promise I’m going somewhere.) At first glance, the answer seems obvious. Two small words slammed together to explain part of a person’s identity. A songwriter is a writer of songs, right? Well, if I had […]

  • Doug Dillard: An Appreciation

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    There’s a cliche about famous deaths always coming in a group of three. One of the more recent trios of musician-related deaths caused many readers to look up from the obituary page to take time to pause and reflect. Earl Scruggs (who died on March 28), Doug Dillard (May 16), and Doc Watson (May 24) […]

  • In Defense of the Accordion

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    Historically, the accordion is a kind of musical punch line. It symbolizes everything that is cheesy and corny for nearly a century — from your great grandmother’s music through Bobby Vinton to ironic, post-ironic, or meta-ironic Weird Al Yankovic and beyond. But the accordion is really only as good or as bad as the people […]

  • Bob McKewen: I wish I was in “Dixie,” Land, that is.

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    Enter through the O’Brien gate of the San Diego County Fair on any given Friday or Saturday, and you will be treated to the sights and sounds of the dixieland group, the Dixie Hasslers, a musical fixture there for the past 58 summers. On stage you’ll see the incomparable Bob McKewen, joyfully playing his well-traveled […]

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