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  • SECOND DELIVERY: Acoustic Express

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    The local bluegrass scene has long featured a certain amount of interchangeable parts — musicians simultaneously in several bands, bands with a number of backup musicians in the instrumental slots, and a general sense of community. Second Delivery was a quartet of local bluegrass veterans who had played with Shawn Rohlf’s Buskers, then formed their […]

  • LARRY ROBINSON: Cadillac and Trailer

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    Fallbrook is hometown to Larry Robinson, who has been playing music for decades. He was a member of Things to Come, a band that played LA’s Whiskey A Go-Go in 1967 with the Byrds and cut records. He also recorded several discs for the Dorados, a band whose songs mainly celebrate fishing. He has also […]

  • R.I.P. Davy and the Diva (and the Fool)

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    Say what you want about the Monkees; they sold 37 million albums in l967 and none of those millions was too terribly bad. Their third LP, Headquarters, was the first truly by them (playing most of the instruments and doing all the singing). It came out shortly after the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club […]

  • Tim Flack Pays Tribute in New Coffee Table Book

    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” attr. George Berkeley, Philosopher This classic philosophy 101 quote has both empirical and metaphysical implications, the former being that sound can only be perceived through the biological mechanism of hearing, and ergo without the on-site […]

  • Blues Fans Look Forward to the Annual Spring Harp Fest

    What began as a challenge between a father and his son has morphed into the musical highlight of San Diego spring season. The 13th Annual Spring Harp Festival takes place on Saturday, April 7, at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa, noon-6pm (springharpfest.org). The festival started as a collaboration between Chet Cannon, Budd Willis, and […]

  • Is Print Media Really Dead?

    If you are reading this the old-fashioned way, i.e., grasping the corners of thinly flattened leaves of paper pulp while your thumbs and forefingers stain with soy-based black ink, you are part of a dwindling breed. Or, are you? For nearly 600 years commercial interests have been mass-producing everything from newspapers to books and flyers […]

  • Le Masquerade

    David Bowie, one of pop music’s most notable stylistic chameleons, was once quoted as saying: “Once you’ve heard something new, it’s already out of fashion.” I remember how startling that statement was to me at the time. Outlandish, even. How could someone work so hard to create a singularly unique sound, only to abandon it […]


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    Jeff and Mike have for some time been among the leading forces in the Poway Folk Circle. Their music comes out of a country and folk tradition that goes back to 1930s’ groups like the Delmore Brothers, Blue Sky Boys, and on through the Louvins, the Everly Brothers, and even a contemporary mix thrown in. […]