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  • The Man Who Reinvented the Banjo: Bèla Fleck and his original Flecktones are coming to town

    The banjo is a uniquely American instrument. Originally brought over from Africa by slaves, the “banjer” was a gourd instrument with a neck and strings. This early banjo evolved into the banjo we associate with minstrel shows from the late 1800s and with Dixieland jazz, strummed with a pick. In the modern era the banjo […]

  • James King Is Coming to San Diego

    James King is coming to San Diego, courtesy of the San Diego Bluegrass Society, for a concert on Sunday, March 25, at the First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach, 4747 Soledad Mountain Rd. If you like your bluegrass traditional and hard driving, you won’t want to miss this one. James King and his band are […]

  • BESTON BARNETT: The Noise of Wings

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    When I listen to gospel music it’s mostly the primitive Baptist music of Southern Appalachia, or a good Jubilee Quartet like the Golden Gates, or the Heavenly Gospel Singers or maybe a more modern ’50s-ish group like the Swan Silvertones or Dixie Hummingbirds. Maybe I’ll listen to a fine bluegrass or old timey gospel number […]

  • Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts

    Lovemarks: It’s time to have a tryst with your audience

    You may have noticed a few changes in the San Diego Troubadour since the beginning of the year. One is our attempt to branch out beyond San Diego’s music community. “Other Expressions,” which will appear semi-regularly on this page, aims at uncovering stories from the visual arts, dramatic arts, pop culture, and even the business […]

  • PARKER AINSWORTH: Leave on the Lights

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    The odyssey of singer-songwriter Parker Ainsworth has taken him from his birthplace in Austin, Texas, to Los Angeles, the opposite course of many aspiring indie/ folk musicians. Indeed, Ainsworth’s fan-supported EP, Leave on the Lights, shows that he is not captive to the conventions of any particular genre. Leave on the Lights, which follows his […]

  • Something’s Cooking in Normal Heights: Meet Adams Avenue Unplugged

    A brand new type of weekend music and art festival is about to debut on Adams Avenue. And the musical celebration is going to be bigger, better, and more expansive than ever before. Adams Avenue Unplugged, which will take place the weekend of April 21-22, will transform the thoroughfare for two miles, from Texas Street […]

  • SARAH MAISEL: Have Uke Will Travel

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    The popularity and possibilities of the ukulele have exploded in the past several years, and the million-hit YouTube sites of various virtuosos playing Beatles or Hendrix songs with jaw-dropping technique aren’t the only places this phenomenon is evident. Once a novelty outside of traditional Hawai’ian and hapa-haole music (“half-white” pop music with English lyrics based […]

  • Allegra Barley Keeps It Simple

    The music business is not for the timid or the faint-hearted, and the road to success as a singer-songwriter is fraught with obstacles and hazards. Overcoming them requires — in addition to first-rate talent, hard work, patience, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit. All of which Allegra Barley possesses in abundance. On a blustery winter day […]

  • March 2012 Calendar

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