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  • October 2011 PDF Issue

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  • FYI October 2011

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    San Diego Troubadour Anniversary Party The San Diego Troubadour celebrates its 10th anniversary with a huge party at the Sunset Ballroom on October 9. If you’ve been to any of their other parties, they’ve always been amazing — now times that by ten, and you’ll have this evening. With so many musicians on hand, it’s […]

  • Ten Years

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    I remember being ten years old in 1968 when Stanley Kubrick released 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sitting on the curb in front of my house on another long summer afternoon I wondered what my life would be like in 2001. It sounded so impossibly far away. I did the math. I would be 43. That’s […]

  • I’ll Be Doggone

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    I  swear that our dog can understand everything we say. Zeppelin (the dog) is a 17-year-old black Lab/Rhodesian mix who’s named after Led Zeppelin because of their song “Black Dog.” Yes, I said 17 years old. Like any dog of that age (equivalent to about 96 in human years) her legs are weak, she has […]

  • San Diego Troubadour — I Keep You In My Heart

    It’s another sleepless night. It’s 3am and Warren Zevon sings, “keep me in your heart for a while.” My writing assignment for this month finds me wishing we could all stay in each others hearts for a while, or for more than a while. To the founders Ellen and Lyle Duplessie, Liz Abbott, and Kent […]

  • Behold, My Ten!

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    As I hinted (somewhat erroneously) in my last two columns, it can be difficult to put into proper words one’s true feelings after completing ten years’ worth of timely, monthly Scripture, which has done so much to uphold the principles upon which this great Country was founded and still thrives — the selfish, ruthless pursuit […]

  • Smell the Revolution…

    Looking back upon the seven and a half years that I have written for the Troubadour, I have at once a flood of images and yet, a near total absence of amusing anecdotes. I have enjoyed the honor of hanging out with legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz, who regaled me with stories of getting high […]

  • The Story of the San Diego Troubadour

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    In 2001, a three-pronged attack on the East Coast — unprecedented in its scope — numbed the nation and the world. Also in that year, Bob Dylan made another strong album, Love and Theft, and continued to play around the globe on his “Never Ending Tour.” One of the top best sellers was historian David […]

  • A Heart of Gold: Remembering Allen Singer

    Mensch. That simple Yiddish word says volumes: “…a person of integrity and honor…a decent, upright person…a “stand-up guy,” a person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague….” Allen Singer was all these things. Allen Singer was a mensch. No one better embodies this fine old Yiddish word than […]