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  • Mattson 2: Feeling Hands

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    Follow the boundaries of each out to the edge, and at a certain point surf music will intersect with jazz. The Mattson 2 is an interesting duo with a sound that tries to land in this illusive zone. The two are twins Jared Mattson on guitar, bass, and keyboards, and brother Jonathan, drummer/ percussionist. The […]

  • Call It R&B, Call It Doo-Wop, Call It Fun!

    It was an urban scene that became part of American popular culture; under a street corner lamp teenagers from different ethnic backgrounds hovered together, cleared their throats, and began to sing in unison. At first the words were difficult to decipher. Were they really words at all? No, more like run-on syllables; “Rama Lama Ding […]

  • Chris Clarke: Pale Moonlight Blues

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    Part of Virginia native Chris Clarke’s development as a traditional and bluegrass artist involved exposure to master musicians in the genre while attending college in West Virginia and spending the early ‘90s living in a log cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains while further absorbing musical knowledge and mentoring that he brought to California. For […]

  • Transition

    I’ll never forget how beautiful the summer of 2011 was in San Diego. Sure, I’ve heard it called the “coldest summer on record” and I’m sure that the folks living west of the I-5 wouldn’t mind seeing the sun before noon at least once, but at the end of each day we left-coasters should surely […]

  • Joyce Rooks. Photo by Kyle Cassidy.

    Joyce Rooks Find Ways to Express Herself

    Joyce Rooks smiles warmly and frequently as she reminisces on the patio of Ducky Waddle’s Emporium, a business she owns with her husband Jerry Waddles. Located adjacent to Lou’s Records, the Emporium is a kind of shrine to popular culture and kitsch, generously stocked with books, posters, comic books, and unusual gift items. It also […]

  • What I Remember About the San Diego Folk Song Society

    Someone asked that I do a bit on the San Diego Folk Song Society and I have been in and around that organization since about 1958 or so (or at least 1958 was when I first went to a meeting). I had just been struck with a case of Folkscare-itis with some country western thrown […]

  • Steve White: Home Away From Home

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    As many of you already know, Steve White passed away in April of this year. We will miss this marvelous performer and his music for a long time to come. Fortunately, in 2009, before the removal of his larynx would silence his voice, White recorded Home Away From Home. Produced and excellently recorded at Studio […]

  • Nothing Spells Success Like Failure

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    If I hadn’t flunked out of college, I might not be here to write this article. It seems counterintuitive but it’s true. After high school, I somehow managed to get into tony Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Lawrence calls itself “the Harvard of the Midwest,” because many of its presidents went on to become president […]

  • News and Trivia from San Diego’s Music Scene

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    News and Trivia from San Diego’s Music Scene and Reviews from Here, There and Everywhere SDMT Music Conference & Festival 9/9 — 9/10 The fourth annual San Diego Music Thing takes place on September 9-10, at the Lafayette Hotel in North Park. Daytime panels on everything from touring to merchandising, nighttime shows from over 100 […]