Radio Daze
  • A Look Back at the Year That Wasn’t

    In my past two January columns, I made bold predictions about the coming years. Some of my prognostications were uncanny; like in 2010, when I predicted the Padres would go 92-70. They finished 90-72, which was pretty damn close. Now that it’s December, it’s again time to compare my precognitive skills with what passes for […]

  • Viva Troubadour!

    There was an article about the Troubadour in the Union-Tribune last month. I loved it. It’s about time this rag got its props! The Troubadour has matured in the decade since its inception. Today, if I were to see a copy at my dentist’s office, I’d reach for the Troubadour before I would any of […]

  • I’ll Be Doggone

    I  swear that our dog can understand everything we say. Zeppelin (the dog) is a 17-year-old black Lab/Rhodesian mix who’s named after Led Zeppelin because of their song “Black Dog.” Yes, I said 17 years old. Like any dog of that age (equivalent to about 96 in human years) her legs are weak, she has […]

  • Nothing Spells Success Like Failure

    If I hadn’t flunked out of college, I might not be here to write this article. It seems counterintuitive but it’s true. After high school, I somehow managed to get into tony Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Lawrence calls itself “the Harvard of the Midwest,” because many of its presidents went on to become president […]

  • Let’s Face It

    Although I don’t post on it often, I am quite a fan of Facebook. It’s allowed me to get back in touch with a bunch of people from my past, which is always an iffy proposition. I sent a personal message to a guy who lived on the same college dormitory floor as me back […]

  • Dumb It Down

    I have always maintained that those who can, do, and those who can’t become management. That maxim is especially true in radio broadcasting. In the 1980s hundreds of American radio stations made use of consultants, either because the station owners were stupid or the people they had programming their stations were incompetent, or a combination […]

  • Are We Still Here?

    I’m writing this on the evening of May 20th. I’m wondering whether I should bother going any further than this. Tomorrow, May 21st, is the Rapture, and the beginning of the End of the World! I’m going to proceed, though, on the assumption that Harold Camping miscalculated once again. (But, in the very far reaches […]