CD Reviews

Michael Philip Reed

Medium Fidelity

Michael Philip Reed is a young one-man-band, studio savant who has combined computer tech and musical talent to make his own unique brand of contemporary pop on his own terms. He plays all types and manners of guitars, keyboards, and percussion, and was one of the reasons for the razor-sharp sound on the early albums […]

Michael Tiernan

Love and a Gun

Michael Tiernan has established himself as a gifted pop singer/songwriter, whose prolific music encompasses multiple genres, while bearing his distinct brand. With a well-earned reputation as a creator of upbeat and good-time songs, on 2014’s Inside Your Head, he spent nearly half of the CD on songs with darker themes like violence and the internal […]

The Ordeal

Life, Love, the End

It’s ten in the morning on a Sunday, a light breeze in the air. The sun is a daffodil in the sky, and you’re pulling onto the 8 West in your car with the windows down and an ice chest full of cold Coronas on the back seat. You’re headed to Ocean Beach for a […]

Wish and the Well

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Hailing from Oceanside, Wish and the Well are a band built upon the remnants of the unrecorded Jefferson and Washington—namely guitar/keyboardist Corey Leal and guitar/keyboardist Dillon Casey, both playing Leal’s original Americana songs. Other members include Steven Crowle on guitars, Trevor Mulvey on bass, and drummer Cheyne Dolly. Since coming together in 2015, the group […]

Joe Garrison & Night People

The People Upstairs

The cover to The People Upstairs looks like it was drawn and colored by a child. The lines are simple, with washes and splotches of color. A very displeased kitty cat is looking up at a bird in a tree with a kite overhead. The bird smirks. Did the bird snatch the kite from the […]

Euphoria Brass Band

Live & Loud

I’m at my desk, at the keyboard, with my computer, Oh no… slipping away… Sorry!!! I’ll be back. Okay. I’m back, ready to write, write, write. But sorry, I’m being pulled away again!! Sit down! Okay! I’m writing now. Oh no. It’s happening again… Gotta go DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! [Editors note: The editorship of the […]

Bill Hartwell

Turning Point

Bill Hartwell has released four solo CDs, including three since 2013’s The Road I’m On. Along the way, he has established himself as one of the most reliable and imaginative acoustic singer/songwriters on the local scene. He is a superb guitarist, with an immediately endearing vocal persona, and his songs range from keen observations, to […]

Barbara Nesbitt

Right as Rain

The latest CD from Barbara Nesbitt, her fourth, is Right as Rain. Originally from Georgia, she came to San Diego over a decade ago, winning country-roots fans with her original songs, on albums like her debut, A Million Stories. She has shown the ability to write and perform material that covers lots of country bases—from […]

Andy Robinson


Andy Robinson has been part of the local scene for decades (he was in Horsefeathers, whose lead singer was in this writer’s high school class 50 years ago; his other bands have included Different World, Questionaires, and the Andy Robinson Band). He is a veteran of just about all styles of music with a discography […]