• The Last One

    It’s hard to say goodbye, but this is my last column for the San Diego Troubadour. I’ve been graced with this space since June 2007. I’m beyond grateful. Co-founder, editor, and publisher of the Troubadour, Liz Abbott, has been the kindest, most supportive partner throughout these 12 and a half long years, 152 columns, and […]

  • The Mothers of God

    I language the world for a living. And though I hate to admit it (because it’s bad for business) it really can’t be done. As a writer, lecturer, and singer-songwriter, my entire career has been a quixotic battle to achieve the impossible. I strive to express what cannot be expressed. I oversell and under-deliver every […]

  • A Light in the Dark

    According to Albert Einstein, the most important question facing humanity is, “Is the universe a friendly place?” Do you believe the universe is abundant, generative, safe, and nurturing? Or do you believe the universe is characterized by scarcity, conflict, selfishness, and danger? The portrait you choose, he argued, shapes the entire arc of your life. […]

  • The Open Heart

    When the eyes open, the heart opens. The more you see, the more you feel. Even an ordinary walk through the neighborhood breaks you open—the desiccated skull of a hummingbird, an out-of-season flower, a discarded condom wrapper—everywhere you look the poignancy and insistence of life, death, and everything in between. It’s as if the whole […]

  • Art and Memory

    There is a mistaken assumption that memories are reasonably accurate movies, little pieces of trustworthy journalism, reliable reporting about prior events. It’s a comforting, if false assumption. I’m afraid the truth is much less comforting. Truth is like that. Believing that memories are reliable helps us cling to the notion that there is a clear […]

  • Ten Best Life Hacks

    Feeling lost and adrift? Out of sorts? Cut off from the things that used to bring you joy? Does it feel like a stranger has taken up residence in your own skin? Here are ten life hacks that will quickly get you back on track toward your own best life. 1. Get up earlier Instead […]

  • Wash Your Bowl

    There’s a Zen story about a young man who wants to become a monk. He wants to become enlightened. The Master accepts the young adept into the monastic order, and another monk leads him to his tiny room. No one says much. They pretty much leave him alone. He’s invited to the all-day meditation sessions, […]

  • The Evolution of Music

    I was five years old in February 1964. The Ed Sullivan Show was a 7 p.m. Sunday night ritual in our home, followed by Bonanza at eight o’clock. There I was, sitting cross legged in front of the black and white television, ready for the evening’s entertainment. And then it happened. The Beatles. The Beatles […]

  • Innerstanding

    We need a new word, a word for that indescribable awareness within—that dawning realization that did not come second hand from another, or from a book, or at the end of a long line of reasoning. It simply arrived—a lucidity, a clarity, a simple wordless opening through which to see the world. “Understanding” doesn’t quite […]