Out of My Head

  • Full Circle

    I know as much about classical records as I do about NASCAR. And if you’re so much of an open-minded reader that you’ve assumed this African-American man, who came of age in Boston is well-versed in the race car tradition of the rural South, I am not (but thanks for believing that I could be). […]

  • The Value of Things

    What’s the value of a record? There are plenty of options with which to do your research. Websites, completed auctions, price guides, quality, songs, lyrics, melodies, one’s personal relationship. Value can take on so many different meanings in a land where perspectives are infinite. I bought a record at the swap meet this morning for […]


    All of my high school writing instincts are shouting at me to begin this journey with “Webster’s defines altruism as …”, but I’m 41 now and that means I’m old enough to know that all my instincts are wrong. I’ve always considered myself an altruistic person. For instance, the other day at the grocery store, […]

  • For the Record

    The walls are alive with trippy concert posters boasting psychedelic images, vivid colors and flowery, often illegible font—the treasured artifacts of a proud Dead Head. San Diego Zoo employee Jon Moore also happens to be an amateur historian, the city’s authority on live music. Moore is a normal guy with a stable career. He warns […]