Featured Stories

  • Julian Is Getting a New Town Square! Local Performers Celebrate.

    A plot of land that has been vacant for many years in Julian will soon be transformed into a new, vibrant town square, and a celebratory ‘soft opening’ is planned for June to introduce the idea to the community. The lot, at the corner of Washington and Main streets, had in the past been home […]

  • Youth Arts Academy Shines Like Superstars at the Music Box

    The lights go down at Seattle’s White River Amphitheater, and the spotlights illuminate Taylor Swift and her band entering the stage. Swift waves, and the amphitheater roars with cheers. Or it might be Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic thrilling thousands as they make their great dance moves in Detroit’s Ford Field. Or it might be […]

  • Bohemia After Dark: Claudia Russell and the Intimacy of Radio

    Claudia Russell cuddles a skittish sand-colored Chihuahua in her poncho as we eat breakfast on an outdoor patio at a local bistro. The local goddess of all things jazz, her long hair swept by a slight breeze, pauses mid-bite to tell me this: “curator: that’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me.” This in […]

  • Farewell to the Pannikin and Coffee Culture as We Knew It

    Your local coffeehouses need local music—and to be told that, loud and clear, and often! This was written following the news that the La Jolla Pannikin, a local mainstay of coffee culture, would close permanently at the end of April. While the coffeehouse now seems to have a reprieve, Pannikin’s era echoes decades when art, […]

  • LOULAPALOOZA! Honoring the Legacy of Lou Curtiss

    On May 14th, the San Diego Folk Heritage is hosting a benefit concert featuring some of the giants of the San Diego music scene in honor of our own Lou Curtiss. In addition to Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi, the lineup for the evening includes Jack Tempchin, Gregory Page, Sue Palmer, Patty Hall, Curt Bouterse, […]

  • KGB and the Golden Age of Radio

    “The death of radio.” You’ve doubtless heard that term at some point or another. They bring it out every time some new-fangled doodad comes along that’s supposed to be so much better, it renders the need for terrestrial airwave information and entertainment transmission obsolete. Every time some corporate media conglomeration rolls into town, buying up […]

  • David R. Morgan: The Captain Has Left the Stage

    “Leaning over, the Captain listens. “What is that?” the young girl asks, pointing to the contraption he sits behind. “It’s a pedal-steel guitar,” he says. “Can you show me?” He smiles, leans over a little more, pulls his cowboy hat down, and begins to play. Liquid steel seeps through his fingers and slide, gliding across […]

  • There’s Something for Everyone at Gator by the Bay!

    San Diego’s Gator by the Bay started when college friends Catherine Miller and Peter Oliver got hooked on music festivals. “In the ‘90s, were were traveling around and heard some zydeco at a Jazz Fest,” Miller recalls. When some Cajun/Zydeco festivals closed down, Miller and Oliver saw a golden opportunity. “It was the perfect time […]

  • Sideman: The Soul Tenor Saxophone of Jonny Viau

    Don’t get me wrong, I love John Coltrane! The thing that bothers me, though, is it seems most every tenor sax player who came along, after Trane recorded A Love Supreme in 1965, only wanted to sound like that and paid little or no attention to all the great rhythm and blues sax-men who came […]