JW-Jones Breaks the Ice

by Tim MattoxOctober 2015

by Tim Mattox

JW & Laura B&W

JW-Jones Band

Canadian JW-Jones is on a tear and he’s headed south. The Ottawa guitarist rolls into Proud Mary’s for just one night with his ground-shaking rhythm section bassist, Laura Greenburg and drummer, Jamie Holmes on Thursday October 29th. The bands current six-week tour behind their Juno Award-nominated Album of the Year, Belmont Boulevard, is posting notice: the blues has no borders.

Jones says he was just a kid when he saw B.B. King in concert and admits, “It changed my life.” It was an experience that would become a lifelong pursuit of continued discovery. “I just like so many styles of blues,” JW said. “I love Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Jimmie Vaughan. You know, they’re into all that swamp stuff and the Gulf blues but I also like the swingier stuff like Little Charlie Baty. I love it all; I don’t want to play ONLY Chicago blues, I don’t want to ONLY play Texas blues… I just love it all. We try to make it all wrap up into the same kind of package where you can dance to it and have a good time.”

Jones says this tour the band is excited about returning to San Diego and digging deeper into the Belmont Boulevard catalog as well as the wealth of material from their seven previous recordings. Variety in this case is the spice of life and JW-Jones has an amplified rack full.

The JW-Jones band hits Proud Mary’s stage in Kearney Mesa, Thursday, October 29th at 8pm. So bring your dancing shoes and check it out, eh?

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