I hate to be late.

by Cathryn BeeksNovember 2023

No, seriously. I have nightmares about being late. I make lists and do google earth searches and plan routes and do all the things necessary so that I’m NEVER late. I’m the guy sitting in her car in front of the venue for 1/2 hour so that when I do go in, I’m only 1/2 hour early. That all having been said, while the podcast should be on time, this month’s column is going to be late, and I am definitely going to lose sleep over it. *sigh* Please check back on Monday November 6th? Thank you for your patience. xo Cathryn

November 7th, 2023

Hi! Late again. Sheesh. Sorry, pals. Ok, real talk. I don’t have anything interesting to talk about this month. I’ve shared with you, on the poster below, all of the shows I’ll be hosting or playing this month and the podcast is posted and overflowing with great songs by great folks. I’m taking few weeks off this month to work on a stop motion animated film and book called 3 Sad Goats, a short children’s story that my grandfather, Bevery Beeks, wrote in the 1930s and I just recently discovered. So, I leave you with my sincere hope that your November is full of great music, memorable moments, creative awakenings and lots and lots of love. xo Cathryn


This month’s podcast features music by those performing in the San Diego area in November. After the audio calendar there are songs and messages from makers all over the globe. Please send me your original song and intro message so I can play you on December’s show and don’t forget those holiday songs! Get all the details at Thanks for listening and thank you to our subscribers for making the show possible. 


November’s fun!  

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